Destiny 2: many PC players have finished the raid, on Stadia none

Destiny 2: many PC players have finished the raid, on Stadia none
Now that the Crypt of Deepstone, the first raid of Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, has been released, it is time to start taking stock of the expansion's success. Looking at the data collected by the Destiny Raid Report account we find that on PC the raid has been beaten almost 5000 times. Xbox and PlayStation follow from afar: just over 200 teams have been able to reach the depths of Deep Stone Crypt. What about Stadia? None yet.

A worrying figure for the health of the Google service. The Mountain View giant does not seem worried and wants to relaunch Stadia with over 400 games in the coming months, but the moment Destiny 2, one of the most publicized games of the service, for a few days is even free-to-play, it seems to have no community worth noting.

While waiting for cross-play to help Stadia players find competitive companions, no team has been able to complete the Crypt of Stone Raid for now. There could be a possibility that the reason is that Stadia players are not very strong, but most likely this is simply due to a very low number of players on the servers.

On PC 26,618 players have completed the raid. On Xbox they are 1,513, while on PlayStation 1,234. On Stadia 0. The conclusions are yours.

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