Il Cortocircuito returns today at 3pm with a bet on Ibra, the GaaS and the Game Pass

Il Cortocircuito returns today at 3pm with a bet on Ibra, the GaaS and the Game Pass
Il Cortocircuito is back today live on Twitch with the classic 3 pm appointment. Pierpaolo Greco, Alessio Pianesani and Francesco Serino return with an episode focused on the Ibrahimovic case, on the decline of GaaS and on the costs that Microsoft supports with the Game Pass. As always there will be room for your questions and your voice messages, don't be shy!

Alessio and Pierpaolo will manage the live broadcast from the studios in Terni, while Francesco will be connected from home. This will not prevent him from intervening with his classic verve and madness. Today's topics, moreover, lend themselves to over the top releases. Let's go and find out:

FIFA 21 - Ibrahimovic lashes out against image rights. This is the most read and discussed topic of the last few hours. The Swedish champion has realized that he is on all football games and thinks he has not been paid enough. And he decided to lead the revolt of his colleagues. How will it end? Marvel's Avengers - Are GaaS Definitely Dead? The disappointing results of Square Enix's game prompt us to reflect on this type of experience: is it the economic model that sustains them the problem or is it something more intrinsic to the adventure of the Avengers? Game Pass - How Much Do Developers Really Make? The third argument is rather self-explanatory: when do you make money putting your game on Game Pass? How does Microsoft pay the costs?

Obviously your participation must not be missing! You can start writing your questions in the comments below: we will answer during the live broadcast.

Don't forget that you can interact with us in chat, in the comments to this news or on the official Telegram group of geekinco, where you will find many other fans like you to chat with. Telegram will also be used to record the vowels that we will then hear during the live.

You can follow the streaming within this news, in the dedicated box or directly on our Twitch channel, using the official app on iOS and Android if necessary.

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