PS5 is better performing than Xbox Series X, according to The Verge

PS5 is better performing than Xbox Series X, according to The Verge
Now that we have officially entered the ninth generation of consoles, the first face to face between the two gaming platforms has also begun. If on the one hand we have Sony's vision proposed with PS5, DualSense and a whole series of launch exclusives; Microsoft has tried to focus on a double console, Xbox Series X and Series S and all those already more than consolidated services such as Xbox Game Pass.

The question that many are already asking themselves from these first weeks, however, is: which of the two ninth generation consoles is more performing? To try to give a definitive answer to this question we tried the editorial staff of The Verge which has established a winner; PS5. Also taking up the first tests carried out by Digital Foundry, differences in hardware performance that are slightly higher than the Xbox Series X emerge again, and it is underlined that never before this generation the two consoles are almost comparable from a technical point of view.

A spokesperson for Microsoft also spoke in this regard, who stated the following in The Verge article: “We are aware of performance issues in a handful of optimized titles on Xbox Series X | S and we are actively working with our partners to identify and resolve problems, and ensure an optimal experience. At the start of a new generation of consoles, our partners are only scratching the surface of what next generation consoles can do. It takes patience before they learn to take full advantage of our new platform ”.

Certainly to enjoy all the features of PS5 and Xbox Series X at full power you need to wait some time. On the other hand, the ninth generation of gaming has just begun, and the potential can already be glimpsed on both sides of the gaming experience. Do you also think that PS5 is currently slightly superior to Xbox Series X in terms of performance? Tell us yours with a comment.

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