Ransomware: 27% of victims pay the ransom

Ransomware: 27% of victims pay the ransom
Ransomware, a modern cyber scourge, is an ever more concrete and far-reaching threat. A phenomenon that has been talked about with increasing frequency in recent years as a result of an ever-increasing number of attacks. Let's go back to doing it today following the publication of the Global Security Attitude Survey 2020 compiled by CrowdStrike.

More than one in four victims pay ransomware ransomware

The most interesting data that emerges it relates to the percentage of those who choose to pay the ransom requested in order to regain control of their data following the compromise: it stands at 27%. More than one in four victims therefore agrees to put their wallets in order to avoid losing documents and databases, to get back into operation as quickly as possible or to prevent the perpetrators of the operation from disseminating information.

Despite the possible risk of sanctions, among those who report a ransomware attack 27% choose to pay the ransom, each paying an average of 1.1 million dollars. The comparison between geographical areas shows only a modest disparity: the Asia Pacific region is the most affected with average sums of 1.18 million dollars. The EMEA stops at 1.06 million dollars, while in the United States it is still lower with 1 million dollars paid to those who carry out the attack.

The authorities advise against doing so for obvious reasons: this feeds the business of cybercriminals who generate profits illegally and stimulates them to continue with the attacks by targeting other victims. There is also no guarantee that following the payment (always in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and therefore not traceable) whoever is at the other end of the deal will keep their word.

Source: CrowdStrike
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