PS5: Some users report problems with backwards compatibility

PS5: Some users report problems with backwards compatibility
One of the features of the new PS5 is that of backward compatibility with the games of the predecessor PS4, offering the general public the possibility of being able to continue playing the titles already purchased in the past even on the new generation console. For them to work, just insert the copy of the game into the standard PS5 Blu-Ray player. If you have the Digital, however, you will have to download the PS4 titles directly to be able to play them, since this version does not have an optical player. However, the first problems with this feature were not lacking.

Some gamers in possession of a copy of Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion for PlayStation 4 have tried to insert these discs on PS5, without success however in their intent. These users, in fact, have reported that neither title is working as it should right now on the next generation console. Probably, this problem could affect a limited number of players, however even if it wasn't a universal problem it still remains an unpleasant situation to solve.

As we all know, both Ubisoft titles offer free updates for anyone who plays them before on PS4 and then switch to PS5. While digitally purchased titles from the PS Store work as expected, some players inserting the disc into the Blu-ray player are experiencing some issues. Precisely, once the PS4 disc is inserted on the PS5, players can download the next generation version for free, but once the disc is inserted, a fee of € 59.99 is quoted.

Obviously this is an error and an unexpected event, therefore Ubisoft has already stated that it is trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, we remind you that by subscribing to PS Plus it will be possible to play directly on the PS5 an interesting selection of successful PS4 games at no additional cost, we are talking about the PlayStation Plus Collection! Amazon Italy. Keep an eye on this address, where you can also find a second DualSense controller to play with a friend.

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