New Games: WOW Shadowlands and Football Manager 2021 arrive this week

New Games: WOW Shadowlands and Football Manager 2021 arrive this week
In the last two weeks we have witnessed a real invasion of new video games thanks to the arrival of Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, for the next seven days the situation will be calmer, with the debut of some interesting titles but and plenty of indies to watch.

Monday November 23

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands | PC

Tuesday, November 24

Monster Truck Championship | Switch More Dark | PS4 Mad Tower Tycoon | Xbox One Football Manager 2021 | PC Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness | 2URVIVE Switch | Switch Tracks - Toybox Edition | RAM Pressure Switch | PC

Wednesday 25 November

Out of Space | PS4, Xbox One, Switch Towaga Among Shadows | Xbox One Vigor | PS4 My Aunt is a Witch | Xbox One Strike Force 2: Terrorist Hunt | Xbox One, Switch More Dark | Xbox One Get Over Here | Xbox One BFF or Die | Xbox One Star Renegades | PS4 Skyhaven | PC, Mac

Thursday November 26

LoveKami Divinity Stage | Switch Nekopara Vol. 4 | PC Picross S5 | Switch Root Double Before Crime After Days | Switch The Alto Collection | Nordlicht Switch | Switch In Celebration of Violence | QV Switch | Switch Arrog | Picklock Switch | Switch Sky Mercenaries Redux | Switch Maid of Sker | Switch The Explorer of Night | Switch Imagine Lifetimes | PC

Friday 27 November

BFF or Die | Switch More Dark | Switch Landflix Odyssey | Xbox One Electro Ride The Neon Racing | Switch Destropolis | Girabox Switch | Switch Tiny World Racing | Switch Sheep Cutter | PC Heidelberg 1693 | PC We start today with the arrival of World of Warcraft Shadowlands while on November 24 it will be the turn of Football Manager 2021, for the rest space for independent productions and porting of games already released, with no other substantial news coming to PC and console. For the next big blockbuster we should wait until December 10, the launch date of Cyberpunk 2077.

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