Metal Gear Solid Remake and Sony acquisition in the future of Bluepoint?

Metal Gear Solid Remake and Sony acquisition in the future of Bluepoint?
They have not even had time to publish Demons Souls for PlayStation 5, obtaining the acclaim of critics and the public, that the guys of Bluepoint Games have already ended up at the center of new rumors, of the important ones.

According to the well-known insider Okami, who has already distinguished himself in the past for having revealed in advance various information related to the Call of Duty franchise (including the existence of Warzone), Bluepoint Games would have ended up in the viewfinder of Sony, which would be preparing to buy and introduce it in the large family of PlayStation Worldwide Studios after the great success of the remake of Demon's Souls. This is not the first time we hear about this maneuver, since it was already discussed a few days ago in the ResetEra forum pages.

Okami, however, went further, stating that the guys from Bluepoint Games would find themselves already working on another remake, presumably of Metal Gear Solid, the first chapter of the series that marked the first generation of PlayStation. The works would be in an advanced stage, and the announcement would be expected during the award ceremony of the Game Awards 2020, which we remember to be set for next 10 December. The Metal Gear Solid hypothesis would also be reinforced by a series of mysterious clues and sounds unearthed in Demon's Souls.

We don't know how much truth there is in all this, but one thing is certain: our antennas will be well stand up in the coming days and we will attend the Game Awards 2020 ceremony with even more interest.

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