LG monitors: 24 to 32 inches, 33 to 40% off

LG monitors: 24 to 32 inches, 33 to 40% off
Which monitor would you need on your desk to work, study or play at your best? The opportunity is offered by LG in these hours in the heart of Black Friday, by putting its line of desktop displays at a discount. The features are of absolute quality in all cases, but what changes is the size: 24, 27 or 32 inches?

LG, discounts at 24, 27 and 32 inches

These are the discounts applied in these hours:

LG 24ML600S 179 euro 119.99 euro (-33%) LG 27UL500 379 euro 249.99 euro (-34%) LG 32UL500 499 euro 299.99 euro (-40%) ) In all cases, the design is the latest generation LG, with the silver semicircular support and the white back. If the panel is Full HD 1920 × 1080 in the case of the 24-inch model, the two superior models instead reach a much more qualitative definition of 3840 × 2160 to better consecrate the largest available surface.

In all cases the screen is flat and thin, in 16: 9 format. In all cases, above all, the price really lives up to the expectations of a Black Friday, substantially bringing down the value achieved in recent weeks. The choice of size will have to be based in particular on the usefulness and time spent on the PC: for mere navigation utility, for example, the 24-inch model may be more than enough. When it comes to placing multiple windows side by side, multitasking productivity or when the width of the image makes the difference for editing, gaming or video to be played, then going up to 27 or 32 inches is essential to safeguard the view and enjoy. to the best of every detail.

24, 27 or 32 inches? Preference is a subjective factor, today's discount is instead an objective fact.

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