FIFA 21: New Update 6 for Download - Patch Notes with the changes

FIFA 21: New Update 6 for Download - Patch Notes with the changes
Electronic Arts is releasing the FIFA 21 Update 6. The new patch is now available for download for PC via Steam and Origin. Players on PS4 and Xbox One still have to be patient: The update will presumably be submitted on the consoles in the coming days - details on the download date are not yet available. However, the patch notes are already known - and with them the details of the individual changes and innovations. With the title update 6, the developers are once again working on the gameplay of FIFA 21.

With the update 6, Electronic Arts is weakening the blocking behavior of the AI ​​team members in defense. The changes reduce the distance between the block attempts. Accordingly, fewer degrees of the opponent in the sixteen-meter space should be blocked by the AI. The patch notes show that these changes only apply in situations where the player in possession of the ball is about to shoot. EA is also working on the logic of the defenders when intercepting passes.

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The FIFA 21 Update 6 also makes distance changes to balls that the goalkeeper blocked with his hands. The developers are also reducing the speed with which players can get out of step-overs. The patch also includes minor bug fixes for the individual game modes. There are bug fixes for the menus especially for the Ultimate Team. In the future, it should no longer happen that you suddenly end up in a different menu when you bag a reward from the community tab. In career mode, on the other hand, it should no longer happen that identical or wrong managers were inadvertently displayed for both teams in negotiations. You can find the full patch notes with all information about the new update in the EA-Kicker forum.

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