SteelSeries gaming headsets and mice up to 43% off on Amazon!

SteelSeries gaming headsets and mice up to 43% off on Amazon!

If you are</a> looking for a new mouse or, why not, a new quality gaming headset, then you will definitely not want to miss the opportunity to buy some of the peripherals that Amazon is putting on sale, right now!

These are SteelSeries brand products, which the portal is discounting up to 43%! A truly tempting opportunity, and practically unexpected considering the typical "stall" of the world of offers in the summer.

An excellent example of the quality of this promo, but above all of the excellent products included, is undoubtedly the relative offer the splendid SteelSeries Aerox 3 Onyx mouse, featuring a honeycomb design that makes it not only intriguing from a design point of view, but also very very light.

The price offered by Amazon? Just € 39.99, with a discount of € 30 (43%) compared to the original € 69.99 for a mouse that, believe us, can really make a difference, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of fatigue. joints, given its weight of just 59 grams.

Net of this, the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Onyx is a mouse with a microfiber cable, equipped with sliding pads in 100% virgin PTFE, to guarantee maximum fluidity in movements, as befits a serious and precise gaming product.

The optical sensor, after all, is a TrueMove Core developed directly by SteelSeries, with an optical sensor of 8,500 cpi, 300 ips and capable to reach up to 30 G of acceleration! In short, fast and precise, but also light and punctual in the response.

Read also: Gaming mouse | The best under 100 € That said, we remind you that the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Onyx mouse is not the only product that is part of this promotion and that, on the contrary, there are several discounted items made available by Amazon for this SteelSeries branded promo. ! For this reason, we invite you to directly visit the page of the portal dedicated to the promo, so as to select the purchase that best suits your needs

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