Nico Rosberg: here is the first example of Rimac Nevera

Nico Rosberg: here is the first example of Rimac Nevera

Nico Rosberg

The first example of Rimac Nevera ended up in the hands of Nico Rosberg: that was to be expected, considering the great media show that Nico and Rimac put on when the Formula 1 driver went to the company's headquarters to agree on everyone. the details of the electric super hypercar.

Sold at the breathtaking price of 2.4 million dollars, the Rimac Nevera can unleash 1914 horsepower and is the road approved car with the most powerful acceleration ever; the specimen delivered to Rosberg is black, is embellished with carbon fiber elements and polished aluminum rims. Inside, Alcantara reigns supreme, with an extremely sporty-looking cockpit.

During the delivery of the car, which was also attended by CEO Mate Rimac, there was a lot of talk about the development process that gave life to Nevera: the Croatian company not only she developed the chassis, suspension, electronics and engine of the car, but she also personally took care of designing and building all the car's interiors, including the various buttons and switches on the instrumentation.

The Nevera edition should be limited to 150 copies; they are built in the new Rimac factory, on the outskirts of Zagreb.

In the video that we report below, Nico Rosberg tells us the moments in which he collected the car but does not show us a guided section, so it is logical to imagine that the next video published on his channel will be of particularly interesting ones, in which he will put the new Nevera on the ropes to get to know it thoroughly.

The First Rimac Nevera Was Just Delivered to Former Formula 1 Champ Nico Rosberg

It’s a long journey from prototype to production car and the Rimac Nevera has finally completed it with the first delivery going to Formula 1 champ Nico Rosberg. 

Not that the Nevera hasn’t already impressed us plenty—the world record setting, Robb Report Best of the Best-winning EV hypercar has already proved its mettle as a highly functional, extraordinarily capable speed machine, as confirmed in our first drive. But delivering a production-spec car to a paying customer is easily the steepest milestone any carmaker faces, and paves the way for the inevitable gauntlet of real world durability, build quality and reliability.

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The Croatian-built Nevera touts some astounding specs—0 to 62 mph in 1.85 seconds, nearly 2,000 hp and a seven-figure price tag. Rosberg’s stats aren’t bad either, as his 11 years in F1 included 206 races, 57 podiums, 23 wins and a 2016 World Champion title. The German-Finnish former racer is a near-ideal debut customer for the outrageous Nevera, the first product from Bugatti Rimac, which has helped raise $500M on the company’s valuation of $2B.

The first Rimac Nevera delivered - Credit: Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti Rimac

Interestingly, though Rosberg’s 20-minute YouTube video of the delivery process feels like a sponsored sales pitch for the company, he reveals that he foolishly opted out of an early opportunity to invest in the company. Rosberg does, however, express genuine wonder at its organ-compressing acceleration, remarking that a YouTube drag race against a Ferrari SF90 made the Italian supercar look like “it’s some kind of Renault Twingo or something.” 

“Ever since I first met Mate and truly understood the genius behind Nevera, I knew I wanted car number one,” Rosberg says in Rimac’s official press release. Based on his business track record, it appears his passion for EV life is real: Rosberg has invested in more than 20 mobility startups, as well as Formula E. Furthermore, his 2021 championship-winning Extreme E race team is currently leading in points.

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Rosberg and Rimac discussing the Nevera - Credit: Bugatti Rimac

Bugatti Rimac

CEO Mate Rimac adds that “… we set out to build a car that impress even the best drivers in the world. Nico was on that list, and it’s a great feeling to know that someone who has mastered the most focused and cutting-edge motorsport in the world gets such a thrill from the car we’ve created.” Even better? Mate won’t have to worry about bad PR from reckless pileups when the ex-F1 champ maneuvers his new Rimac through the streets of Monaco. We hope.

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