Lego Store: Iron Man's Infinity Gauntlet finally available!

Lego Store: Iron Man's Infinity Gauntlet finally available!

Lego Store

Marvel movie fans, rally! We would like to point out, in fact, that the Lego Store has finally opened the sales of the long-awaited set dedicated to the Infinity Glove of Iron Man, which goes to pair with a previous set, already published for a while, and dedicated instead to the Glove of Thanos.

Sold at a price of € 69.99, this set reproduces, in detail, the manufacture of the Infinity Gauntlet artificially created by Iron Man, reproducing the precious object with a total of 680 pieces, and including also a practical display base, complete with nameplate.

Created for the greatest builders, this set is a stunning collector's item for Marvel fans, and includes details like infinity gems, already set on the back of the glove, as well as mobile and articulated fingers, with which to reproduce the pose of Thanos' now famous "finger snap".

In short, a truly splendid piece, measuring 31 cm high, 12cm wide and 9cm deep, and perfect for esp next to the already known (and still available) set dedicated to the original glove, as wielded by Thanos in the Infinity Saga of the MCU.

Read also: LEGO Harry Potter | The best sets to reproduce the Hogwarts School of Magic That said, we just have to refer you directly to the page that Lego Store is dedicating to this splendid set, inviting you to complete, as soon as possible, your purchase, before it is sold out, and you will then have to wait for a restock.

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On Location: Lagardère Travel Retail opens two Lego stores at Gatwick Airport in profit-sharing partnership

Leading with Lego: The Moodie Davitt Report was on location for the official opening of the standalone store at Gatwick Airport North Terminal

(Left to right) Lagardère Travel Retail UK & Ireland CEO Marion Engelhard; The Moodie Davitt Report Brands Editor & Digital Marketing Manager Hannah Tan-Gillies; Lagardère Travel Retail UK & Ireland Commercial Business Director Liam Grundy

UK. Lagardère Travel Retail yesterday (21 July) opened two standalone Lego stores in Gatwick Airport. The stores, located in the North and South terminals, are designed with a new, customer-centric retail concept.

The Moodie Davitt Report Brands Editor and Digital Marketing Manager Hannah Tan-Gillies was on location for the opening as the exclusive industry media representative.

Notably, the Lego stores are modelled on a profit-sharing partnership between Lagardère Travel Retail and Gatwick Airport (see below for comment).

Simple, vibrant and engaging, the boutiques feature flexible Plug & Play platforms that tell new stories and engage with customers of all ages.

Inside, notable collections featured include the Lego Duplo, City, Creator, Friends, Technic, Architecture and Ninjago lines.

Lego’s internationally recognised licences such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Super Mario are also available.

A world of amazing Lego experiences awaits travellers at Gatwick Airport

The displays are modular and easily adaptable to different Lego worlds, allowing for continued relevance as Lego’s retail strategies evolve.

The store is also a showcase for many audience-first elements. The retail concept puts consumers at the centre of the in-store experience with digital elements designed to complement physical merchandising.

One of the boutique’s standout features is an augmented reality zone, which allows shoppers to see a virtual rendering of any product to scale by simply holding up the box in front of a screen.

Two travelling Lego Queen’s Guards, unique to Gatwick Airport, greet customers

An augmented reality screen brings any Lego model to life by showing virtual renderings of the models to scale

The in-store experience is all about learning through creative play and creating ‘smile in the mind’ moments for Lego fans of all ages.

Magnifiers are available at different Lego worlds to give shoppers a closer look of what fully built models look like. In addition, the Gatwick stores offer Lego’s ‘sense of place’ products such as the Lego Bus, Lego Tower Bridge and Lego Spice Girls Sets.

Lagardère Travel Retail UK & Ireland CEO Marion Engelhard told The Moodie Davitt Report, “Lego attracts customers of all ages, but the demographic at Gatwick is one of the reasons we chose this location. The initial sales results have been overwhelmingly positive. One of the reasons for this is because we tried to have London and UK specificity in the store. Here, the London Bus is the best-seller. We sell about 40 London Buses a day in the two shops.

“This concept is a first in UK travel retail with Lagardère,” Engelhard added. “The look and feel of the store really showcases the product compared to the previous concept. It also differentiates the different Lego Worlds, adapting and modernising these worlds for customers.”

Gatwick Airport Head of Retail Operations Nick Williams added, “These boutiques offer something that our passengers want. Lego is a brand we’ve always wanted to work with so it’s great that Gatwick is one of their first airport stores in the UK.”

A different kind of partnership

“As a retailer, it’s our job to bring new partnerships and a complementary offer and I believe that Lego ticks all those boxes,” Engelhard said. “It’s not only about kids, but about adults and the young at heart. This is how we have built our partnership with Gatwick Airport. We are working on a profit sharing model instead of a classic MAG one,” Engelhard said.

Commenting on the business model, she said, “Profit sharing is something we’ve been pushing with Lagardère Travel Retail in different markets and airports for a while now. Here, the discussion with Gatwick was to try something different. They were very interested in Lego and so we came up with this new model because while there is a lot of uncertainty about recovery, we didn’t want to wait for the uncertainty to ease before opening the stores.”

Williams added, “We largely have a concession-based model, but we have been keen to try something different. We are trialling this profit-sharing model to really test something we’ve never done before. We’re looking forward to working with Lagardère on this and hopefully it will benefit both parties.

The Lego store in the South Terminal draws passengers in with its vibrant colours and merchandising

Rebecca Cañamaque-Martel, General Manager of the two Lego stores in Gatwick Airport, takes us on a video walkthrough of the store’s key features