eFootball: Konami enters into a partnership with the French national team

eFootball: Konami enters into a partnership with the French national team


Konami has partnered with the French Football Federation, or the French national team. The partnership, of course, aims to include the national team in eFootball games, the new series from the Japanese developer and publisher that has officially replaced Pro Evolution Soccer.

The agreement , as the press release reads, led to a “multi-year partnership with the French Football Federation (FFF) national association. This partnership will include a number of elements within and outside the eFootball series. " The partnership includes various commercial, image and activation rights: Konami will become the "Official Partner for football video games of the French national team", and the French national team will be integrated into a selection of eSports events with other licensed national associations.

It is obviously not Konami's first partnership for eFootball. Over the past few weeks, the Japanese giant has in fact made an agreement with Inter and AC Milan. Both teams play in Serie A, with the second one winning last season. Over the next few months, further partnerships could be announced, obviously aimed at reinforcing the staff of the teams present within the game, as well as a series of collateral activities dedicated to the world of Esports, a sector on which Konami is trying to focus from. several months and building a real circuit different from the competition.

eFootball 2022 – Delving Deeper into the World of PES’ Official Successor

Introspecting the game after Konami’s latest season update.

Months after its worldwide release, eFootball 2022 remains one of the major talking points in the global gaming community. It’s still on all over social media. But mostly for the wrong reasons.

Football, famously termed by Bill Shankly as something more serious than life and death, is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. Hence, when it comes to the virtual games, playing football online can’t be far behind. And among the online football games, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) produced by Tokyo-headquartered Konami, has been one of the most iconic games to be launched in history. Here’s an extensive overview of the much-awaited eFootball PES 2022 which released recently.

eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 by Konami, is the official successor to PES. [Image Credit: Konami]

eFootball 2022: An Introspection

Konami, which faces stiff competition from EA Sports, particularly in the domain of online football games, decided to rebrand its most-popular title with the highest-ever grossing, PES. Since the very day of its official announcement, football frenzy gamers across the globe, continued to do the countdown while being pumped with sheer adrenaline rush. Let’s have a close look at the latest version of this immensely popular free-to-play title.

  • The brand-new avatar of the erstwhile PES, eFootball 2022 appears to have gone through a huge upgrade and offers an array of new features apart from providing enhanced gameplay with better graphics and improved animation.
  • The entire UI has changed, which looks way more colorful than its earlier version.
  • Though there was no room for playing matches with friends in the beginning, Konami has now introduced it after widespread criticism, courtesy of something called ‘Match Room’.
  • Soon after its release, Konami had to deal with a severe initial backlash from the fans, as they were extremely upset with a couple of changes. The situation was about to go out of Konami’s hands as millions of furious PES loyalists started to give low ratings on a mass scale – a rare phenomenon which forced the game’s ratings plunge to an all-time low.
  • In eFootball 2022 you can hardly win myClub coins, an important in-game tool so far as bolstering your squad is concerned. This has caused serious grievances among the gamers.
  • In 2021, PES introduced retro kits, which could be bought from the eFootball store thanks to the eFootball points won in the game itself. Manchester United’s historic 2007-08 season’s UCL winning kit was there along with Barcelona’s 2008-09 jersey. Now, all of them cease to exist, another change that has irked the fans, globally.
  • For a change, one of the positive changes in the game, is the option of ‘Nominating Contract’, which can be won by completing objectives and can be used to sign players for 365 days.
  • In this edition, Konami has removed all the Iconic Cards from the game. Now, we only have Legendary Cards, again whose contract situation remains another area of fury. One needs to spend 25,000 eFootball points to get a contract ticket of 60 days!
  • To pacify the fans and control the unrest, Konami is now adding new Legendary players like former Manchester United star Peter Schmeichel.
  • Juventus has terminated the exclusive contract with eFootball, which is indeed a big blow to Konami. On the other hand, eFootball has roped in new clubs like Atalanta and Napoli for exclusive licenses.
  • Some crazy, weird celebrations have been added too!
  • It can be played on Steam Deck and Xbox.
  • Is efootball 2022 Better than Fifa Mobile or Dream League Soccer?

    Despite many negative changes, the official successor to PES is still far ahead of the other online football games like Fifa Mobile or Dream League Soccer. With Konami desperately trying to improve the defending aspect of the gameplay and fix other bugs, you can have your money on eFootball 2022, any day.