Death Stranding on PC Game Pass: Sony PlayStation had no say in the matter

Death Stranding on PC Game Pass: Sony PlayStation had no say in the matter

Death Stranding on PC Game Pass

Sony PlayStation was not involved in any way in the agreement that allowed the arrival of Death Stranding in the catalog of Microsoft's PC Game Pass, despite holding the intellectual property of the title made by Kojima Productions. The confirmation came thanks to an official note sent to the Push Square editorial team.

A spokesperson for the company explained that everything related to the PC version of Death Stranding is managed by Kojima Productions and the Italian publisher 505 Games and that therefore basically Sony PlayStation did not have a say in the negotiation that allowed the title to enrich the PC Game Pass catalog.

"The issues relating to the PC version of Death Stranding are handled by Kojima Productions and 505 Games, "said the Sony spokesperson. "SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) has no involvement in this initiative".

Death Stranding How is it possible that Sony, which owns the IP rights, was not involved in any way? The simplest explanation is that probably the agreement made with 505 Games and Kojima Productions for the original version of Death Stranding did not include clauses relating to the publication on PC Game Pass, perhaps because it was stipulated before the launch of the service (June 2019). >
To reinforce this theory, the fact that the version of Death Stranding coming to PC Game Pass next week will be that base, and not the Director's Cut, perhaps because it is linked to a different publication agreement. But these are just assumptions without official confirmation.

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Death Stranding Coming to PC Game Pass on Aug. 23

Death Stranding, from legendary developer Hideo Kojima, will make the jump to Microsoft's PC Game Pass on Aug. 23. 

First released in 2019 on the PS4, Death Stranding puts players in the role of Sam Bridges, whose character model and voice are provided by The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. The game follows Sam as he delivers cargo in a post-apocalyptic United States in hopes of reforming the country. 

Death Stranding made the jump to PC back in 2020 in a version published by 505 Games along with Kojima Productions. Last year, Death Stranding Director's Cut came out on PS5 and PC, and it's also available on Sony's PS Plus service. 

PC Game Pass is one of the three tiers of Xbox Game Pass that costs $10 a month to access a catalog of PC titles. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most expensive tier, at $15 a month, and includes hundreds of games on both the Xbox platform and PC, either by download or cloud streaming.