Fallout New Vegas: A "remake" in Unreal Engine 5 by fans is shown on video

Fallout New Vegas: A remake in Unreal Engine 5 by fans is shown on video

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas also got the typical "remake" treatment in another fan made project that sees the involvement of Unreal Engine 5 as the graphics engine behind this interesting rework, visible in the trailer above.

L 'work is by TeaserPlay, but at the moment we do not know if behind the video there is a concrete project to reconstruct the game. Most likely it is simply a technical demo focused on exploiting the various technologies made available by Unreal Engine 5, applied to the setting and atmosphere of Fallout New Vegas and nothing more.

In any case, the The visible result in the video is certainly remarkable: TeaserPlay has recreated various levels from the Obsidian original using the features of the Epic Games engine such as Lumen, Nanite, Screen Space Ray Tracing and Global Illumination.

From the same group they are other similar videos have emerged previously, but in all cases these are simply trailers composed as technical demos focusing on the use of Unreal Engine 5, not more complex projects such as mods or playable demos. In any case, let's also see this good example of applying Epic Games' new graphics engine.

Have you noticed any errors?

The Institute In Fallout 4 Made It Feel Good To Be Evil

Sure, playing as Spider-Man and Batman are fun, but when it comes to Fallout 4, the real fun is had by joining The Institute. In Fallout 4 towards the end of the game’s main campaign, you must join a faction, each with its own set of quests and missions. If you want to free synths from enslavement, then The Railroad is for you, and joining The Brotherhood of Steel is for those who want a more militaristic approach to life. There are also The Minutemen and their never-ending slew of quests.

But no faction embraces the dark side quite like The Institute, which bases its mission and ideology around science. Its belief system is more Lin Kuei than progressive; for those who might not know, the Lin Kuei in Mortal Kombat is comprised of human fighters including Frost, Sub-Zero, Cyrax, and the son of the group’s Grandmaster, Sektor. In order to control members and enslave them, the Grandmaster introduces the Cyber Initiative, which takes its human warriors and turns them into cyborgs. You get the idea…


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Father, the head of The Institute

In Fallout 4, The Institute pushes its scientific beliefs into the game’s wasteland by not only enslaving advanced synthetic humans known as synths, but also by kidnapping people and turning them into synths. Whenever I play a game like this I love creating my own internal roleplay. In this case, I turned the hero into a Darth Vader lookalike – scarred face, black trenchcoat, black full-face helmet, the works.

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Your position within The Institute is met with ire from its other leaders, but with my Darth being the daunting guy he is, I had an overwhelming sense of power I walked its various halls and lab areas. I fitted right in, and embraced the prospect of a scientific faction that forces everyone in the wasteland to sleep with one eye open because they’re out there, trawling the night for people to snag up and ‘synthesise.’

One of the better aspects of Fallout 4 is that once you pick a faction, you can’t just hop over to another one.That is what I truly love about joining The Institute: it creates actual stakes that joining other factions doesn’t have. Joining The Institute is basically you deciding you want to cut off all of your ties and connections to the people of the above-ground world. You are viewed as a monster by many and the dialogue system in the game really adds to the level of fun.

If you want to be a more compassionate member of the faction you can, but I decided to go full heel turn – we’re talking Hulk Hogan joining the NWO and dying his stubble black kind of stuff. Being evil in games gives you the opportunity to be someone you never could or would be and do things you never would think about doing in real life. It satisfies a need to see what the other version of you is like, in some cases the more animalistic version of you.

Part of The Institute

I love saving cities and fighting bad guys, but when a game gives me an opportunity to be an antagonist myself, I get to see why antagonists in other games are the way they are. That’s Psychology 101: to understand why people do the things they do. In Fallout 4, I can create a character with any type of mental and physical makeup I want, and carve my own unique path.

There are people who take pride in being a Slytherin and will do so when Hogwarts Legacy is released later this year. The Institute is basically Fallout 4’s version of Slytherin but almost everyone is Voldemort (except for some who come off more as Wormtail). Again, becoming a member of The Institute is a great character study of why some people would join a group like them if the world became a nuclear wasteland. You get to live in an area that is safe from all threats – nuclear and physical – and have the technology that allows you to breathe fresh air and drink the cleanest of water. It’s a tempting proposition for anyone!

From a technology standpoint, The Institute are very progressive, but they’re an ideological nightmare, and they make being evil feel very, very good.