Half-Life Alyx: the Incursion mod is available, here is the launch trailer

Half-Life Alyx: the Incursion mod is available, here is the launch trailer

Half-Life Alyx

It took a little longer than expected, but in the end we have: Incursion, Half-Life's VR mod: Alyx is finally available for download. The development team has in fact announced the release of the mod, accompanying everything with the classic launch trailer, now inevitable when new projects are published.

Incursion will put us again in the role of Alyx Vance, protagonist of Half-Life: Alyx, being captured on the wrong side of the Quarantine Zone. Just like in the original game (and it could not be otherwise, since we are talking about a mod), players will be asked to use all the skills of Vance and the support of Russel to return to City 17. There are obviously differences with the base game, including the focus of the mod, which definitely appears to be more focused on combat than the original game, featuring intense battles and several stealth sections.

Half-Life: Alyx debuted in 2020 and is Valve's first experiment with virtual reality. Many hoped that this new chapter could pave the way for the third installment of the series or a rebirth of the franchise, but two years after its release, there are currently no indications on this. Never say never though: Valve is also famous for staying silent and then surprising everyone with a new video game or new hardware. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

Half-Life: Incursion Is a Wave-Based Alyx Mod That Looks Absolutely Brilliant in its Launch Trailer


More Alyx? Yes, please!

Published on July 29, 2022 Alex Gibson

Half-Life: Alyx is widely considered one of VR’s greatest games to date, marking a triumphant return for a beloved and iconic video game franchise back in 2020. Like so many Valve games, Alyx’s source code supports modding, which prompted a group of talented individuals to create their very own expansion of the game. It’s called Half-Life: Incursion, an action-packed hour-long campaign that pits players against waves of enemies as they complete various non-linear objectives.

The mod’s story premise sees Alyx Vance “caught on the wrong side of the Quarantine Zone,” with only her “wits, guns, and Russell to help her get back to City 17.” Unfortunately for Vance, she’s stuck at one of the Combine’s checkpoints, and she’ll have to battle her way through.

Players are tasked with scavenging weapons, including various firearms and explosives, as they attempt to survive the onslaught. You can check out some of the action in today’s new launch trailer:

We haven’t played the mod here at Twinfinite yet, but judging by the early Steam reviews it’s receiving high praise from the game’s community. Here’s the download link for anybody wanting to give it a go.

For those interested in more Half-Life: Alyx mods coming this year, Levitation is set to launch in Q3 and will feature a substantial five or so hour campaign. You can watch a teaser trailer introducing the mod here.