Buy a pair of Hawkers glasses, the second is free! And also get a gift by email!

Buy a pair of Hawkers glasses, the second is free! And also get a gift by email!

Buy a pair of Hawkers glasses

Finally summer has arrived and if you are interested in buying an excellent pair of glasses, we want to point out a new and interesting initiative from Hawkers who, in the most beautiful season of the year, has decided to do things big. In fact, you can buy two frames for the price of one, with the possibility of obtaining a prize via email, based on your purchases.

This promotion is one of the best of the brand, considering that for the price of one frame you can take two. In particular, it is necessary to place two pairs of glasses in the shopping cart and, during the acquisition process, the price of the least expensive product will be completely zeroed. To all this, as mentioned above, you will receive a welcome prize via email.

It is, therefore, a real bargain not to be missed, considering the quality of all the articles developed by Hawkers. In fact, the glasses of the Spanish brand will protect your eyes from the sun's rays, making your look modern with their soft and captivating lines, as well as having a high-level build quality.

We must also consider that the glasses Hawkers have an enviable resistance to scratches, falls and even bumps, and therefore they are really excellent for all occasions, even during mountain hikes or trips to the sea. That said, our advice is to visit the promotion page, so that you can view all the opportunities made available by the manufacturer.

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These Limited-Edition Glasses from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Pair Eyewear Is Out Today

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation has teamed up with Pair Eyewear and created a limited edition collab that makes you look terrific while helping others. The “Pair for Kindness” collection officially launched on July 27 and is available to shop now. As part of the collaboration, Pair Eyewear will donate 20% of every sale to Gaga’s foundation.

There are lots of cheap places to buy glasses online (too many, perhaps), and Pair only recently came onto our radar. The DTC company offers prescription glasses starting at $60, with the ability to choose from hundreds of different styles and colors. In addition, you can buy magnetic “top frames” to instantly change the design of your glasses (more on this below). The company makes glasses for men, women and children, and the interchangeable top frames are an especially great innovation for kids (or anyone who can’t commit to a single style).

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We thought Pair Eyewear was so interesting that we recently added them to our Best Sunglasses of 2022 style guide.

In a recent press release announcing the collaboration, the company writes, “The purpose-driven collection was specifically designed to foster a culture of kindness, spark dialogue and understanding, and encourage celebrating differences that make each and every individual unique.”


Buy: Pair X Born This Way Foundation Starting at $60.00


The mission of the Born This Way foundation is to provide, promote and assist youth with mental health aid and wellness. Created in 2012 by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, the organization has created outreach programs and partnered with other nonprofit organizations in developing outreach programs. The limited edition eyewear was designed along the lines of the BTWF’s mission: to foster kindness, compassion and acceptance.

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Man showing how Pair eyewear works frames are from the Lady Gaga X Pair Eyewear Collaboration


As part of the new collection, there are 10 designs you can choose from to brighten up your face. Top patterns range from subtle two-tone frames to tops that read “Be Kind” to brilliant abstract design.

Here’s how the new Lady Gaga x Pair Eyewear collection lets you customize your sunglasses or prescription glasses. There’s a base frame, and then there are the tops. The tops are held onto the base frame with tiny magnets that weigh less than a gram. The men’s collection offers nine different frames, and the tops are endless. You can wear the base frame by itself or pop on a top that matches your mood, outfit or sports team. The site has virtual try-on, so you can see how the frames will look on your face before you buy them. Eyeglasses start at $60, and tops start at $25. Below is a quick video on how it works.

And, if you’re wondering how to rock something from the Lady Gaga x Pair Eyewear collection, check out this funny short below.


The limited-edition Pair Eyewear x Born This Way sunglasses and prescription eyewear launched on July 27 at 12 pm EST. Head to the Pair Eyewear website to check out the entire “Pair for Kindness” collection.

Pair Eyewear X Lady Gaga Larkin Frames

Buy: Pair X Born This Way Foundation Starting at $60.00


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