Premature aging and incest: Sims 4 characters in chaos

Premature aging and incest: Sims 4 characters in chaos

Premature aging and incest

The two most discussed and viral news of the latest Sims 4 update were not planned at all, but they emerged due to bugs that are creating completely unexpected dynamics even by the developers. The first problem concerns a premature aging of the characters controlled by the players, which makes normal games almost impossible as life becomes too fast: waiting for an official fix, a tip has arrived to try to stem the bug. The second problem is perhaps the most unintentionally comical one since after adding the customizable function on sexual orientation, many characters have begun to manifest incestuous behaviors, longing for relationships with their close family members.

It's not an easy time either. for the Sims: with the latest update of the title of the records of Maxis and Electronic Arts chaos has broken out in the virtual worlds populated by millions and millions of characters. The first bug led to an unusual acceleration of aging that makes it nearly impossible to finish games as characters end their lives too quickly, even in just a few minutes. The development team is aware of this and has posted a tweet in which it suggests, while waiting for an official fix, to set the lifespan (Lifespan) to normal to stem the phenomenon.

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The second issue is closely related to the great novelty of personalizing the sexual orientation of Sims who will now be able to experience attraction in a more varied and free way, perhaps too much since it seems that the developers have forgotten to make sure that it perhaps better to look outside your own family. In fact, more and more players report how their Sims want to enter into relationships with brothers or sisters, children or parents. Also in this case, confirmation has arrived on Twitter that the problem is already known and that a fix will arrive in a short time. Speaking of Sims 4, a “gay propaganda” expansion was recently banned in Russia.