Cressi inflatable kayak at a 42% discount! on Amazon!

Cressi inflatable kayak at a 42% discount! on Amazon!

Summer has now arrived and, with it, the desire to travel and to spend oneself in outdoor activities also returns, especially if related to water. Make way for water parks, days on the beach and, why not, kayak excursions, an increasingly popular activity, both at sea, lake or rivers.

Of course, buying a kayak is not really within everyone's reach, and that is why it is convenient, most of the time, to turn to the world of inflatable products, or kayaks made of rigid and resistant plastic, which can be inflated as needed and which, of course, are more convenient in terms of purchase price.

If the idea intrigues you, then you will be pleased to know that, currently, an excellent Cressi-branded inflatable kayak is on Amazon, sold by the portal with a discount of over 200 euros , and for this reason it can be purchased for only € 292.49, by virtue of the original € 499.99.

A price certainly cheaper than traditional and rigid solutions, not to mention the convenience of being able to carry this kayak more comfortably traveling, as once deflated it can be p folded and carefully stored in the space of a small suitcase.

Made with a triple chamber system, which makes inflation less tiring and easier, the Namaka model kayak is about 2.5 meters long, has seats adjustable for maximum comfort, and is entirely made of a resistant and tear-resistant materials which, after the right care and maintenance, will allow you to use it for many years to come.

Equipped with a large kit of accessories including which, obviously, a double mountable paddle, has protections at the bow and stern, and a reinforced bottom with an anti-abrasion protective layer, so that it does not suffer damage when returning to shore.

Read also: Paddle Board | The best of 2022 Ready to use, and available in a splendid color in red, black and white, this kayak could become the ideal ally for a summer full of fun, and the price proposed here is certainly a lot, but very attractive, given the market average. For this reason, we strongly suggest you do not delay any longer, and buy this wonderful product immediately, by visiting the Amazon page dedicated to the promotion before, predictably, the offer runs out.

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