Titania's version in She-Hulk will be different from the comics

Titania's version in She-Hulk will be different from the comics

If you expect to see the same version of Titania featured in the Marvel comics on the small screen, you are wrong. Jameela Jamil, who plays the villain (Titania) in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, has revealed that in the Disney Plus series her character will be different from the one we've known in the comics.

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Titania in She-Hulk

Titania in She-Hulk will be different from comics

The actress stated this in the course of an interview with screenrant.com, during which he reported that She-Hulk will not tell "the comic version of Titania", although he hopes that his character will assume the original characteristics by the end of his time in the MCU. You can read her words below:

I think Titania's backstory is one of the most beautiful in the entire MCU. But we're telling a brand new version of the character, born from the mind of lead writer, Jessica Gao. She is very modern, fresh, silly and funny, but there is still all of Titania's insecurity at the heart of the problems with She-Hulk.| ); }

Titania's physical appearance

Regarding the importance of physicality to the role of Titania, in a recent interview Jameela Jamil revealed her doubts about it. She the actress admitted that playing this character gave her greater self-confidence, even though she initially didn't want to audition for the part of her as she was concerned about the more physical aspects inherent in her role. These are his words:

Marvel Studios convinced me to go to Atlanta and spend six months there, and train six days a week, lift weights, do kung fu and jujitsu and, finally, learn how to fight with a harness in the sky. I've done things I never thought my body could do. This has changed the way I feel about myself. It has changed my confidence and the way I feel about my body since I gained weight for the role.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (on Amazon you can find the action figure dedicated to her) will debut on August 17th on Disney +.