Xbox, voice chat with Discord is available for beta testers

Xbox, voice chat with Discord is available for beta testers


Discord integration on Xbox is progressing fast. A few days after the announcement of this partnership between the app developers and the consoles produced by the Redmond giant, in fact, now the voice chat is already available for some users enrolled in the Insider program. This is a big step forward, which will allow participants to use the service and thus create parties even with PC players, bypassing the official Microsoft system.

Credit: Xbox Initially , Discord was only available on Xbox by invitation. From today, however, the application was part of the Beta Ring: in this way no one will need an official invitation: it will be enough to be registered in the Insider program and start the integration. The process is slightly cumbersome: it will be necessary to connect the Discord account to the one normally used to take advantage of the gaming services of the Redmond giant and use the phone to be able to transfer the call. Unfortunately, in fact, the native application does not exist and this is currently the only way to enjoy all the benefits of Discord on consoles.| ); }
Discord and Microsoft have been chasing each other for some time: in 2021 the team behind the development of the application refused also an acquisition by the Redmond giant, only to then forge a strategic partnership with PlayStation. Partnership that, however, beyond the connection between the various accounts, has not yet brought voice chat or other benefits to Sony users. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

How's Xbox Doing? Key Takeaways From Latest Earnings Report

Microsoft no longer announces specific sales numbers for its games and systems, but the company's latest earnings report does contain some information about how Xbox is doing.

For the quarter ending June 30, Microsoft said Xbox continues to offer 'the best value in the gaming industry' with Game Pass, along with the lower-priced Xbox Series S. While no hard sales numbers were divulged, Microsoft said the Xbox Series X|S family of systems have gotten off to a great start.

Microsoft said it has 'sold more consoles life-to-date than any previous generation of Xbox and have been the market leader in North America for three quarters in a row among next-gen consoles.'

That line appears to be a reference to the NPD's monthly US sales reports that confirm that the new Xbox consoles regularly reach the top of the charts for dollars.

Microsoft also disclosed that its recent partnership with Epic Games to make Fortnite available to stream free through a browser has proven popular. More than 4 million people have streamed the game thus far, including more than 1 million who are 'new to our ecosystem.'

But just how much money did Xbox make for the quarter? Not as much as last year. Total Xbox revenue declined 7%, while hardware revenue specifically fell by 11% year-over-year. Xbox content and services revenue also dropped, falling by 6%. This decline was attributed to 'lower engagement hours' and spending in both first- and third-party games. Xbox Game Pass subscriptions grew (to a number that Microsoft did not disclose) but not enough to offset the other declines.

Looking ahead, Microsoft expects Xbox and its wider gaming segment to continue to decline. While Game Pass subscriptions and console sales could see growth, it won't be enough to offset declines in first-party content, Microsoft said. Revenue for Xbox content and services will decline in the 'low-to-mid-single digits,' Microsoft said.

Microsoft is a massive company and Xbox is just one part of the mix. Total revenue rose by 12% to $51.9 billion, while Microsoft posted a profit of $16.7 billion, which was up 2%.

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