Xiaomi 32 ″ Smart TV for less than 150 euros from Unieuro!

Xiaomi 32 ″ Smart TV for less than 150 euros from Unieuro!

If you are</a> looking for a smart TV that is complete, full of features, and that is also sold at a very attractive price, then you will be happy to know that at Unieuro it is currently on a discount, at the lowest price on the net. 'excellent 32 ″ Xiaomi P1 smart TV, marketed by the Chinese giant some time ago, and today sold for less than 150 euros!

You got it right: with a discount of 46%, Unieuro is indeed by selling this 32 ″ diagonal HD smart TV at a price of only € 149.99, compared to the € 279.90 generally required for purchase!

A remarkable bargain, for a good quality smart TV, characterized, first of all, by an excellent HD LED display, made even more enjoyable by the design of the TV which, without a frame, offers a very high screen / body ratio, and with a viewing angle of 178 °.

Net of this, we are also talking about a really s mart TV, thanks to the support for Android TV 9.0 complete with Google Assistant and access to the Google Play Store which, combined with an 8 GB internal memory, will allow you to download many useful apps, as well as movies and TV series, as well as the players of all the main services on the market, including Prime Video, Netflix , and Disney +.

Read also: Smart TV | The best of 2022 In short, we are talking about a really functional and convenient smart TV that, for this reason, should be purchased immediately at a discounted price, so that you do not run the risk that the product returns to the original price! For this reason, we suggest that you visit the Unieuro page dedicated to the promotion now before, predictably, the offer runs out.

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