Disney Speedstorm and Mario Kart, the developers explain the differences between the games

Disney Speedstorm and Mario Kart, the developers explain the differences between the games

Disney Speedstorm and Mario Kart

Disney Speedstorm can only be defined as a Mario Kart clone, as is usually the case with "kart racing" games that came after the progenitor Nintendo, however it is able to offer something alternative and different, according to what the developers said.

Gameloft Barcelona, ​​which is working on the creation of the new Disney arcade racing game, participated in an interview published by NintendoEverything, from which some interesting considerations emerged also on the comparison with the bulky Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, now one of the absolute best sellers for Nintendo.

Among the features that the developers consider peculiar is the management of the characters, which apparently are not only divided into more generic macro-classes but try to be all peculiar and without particular overlaps between one and the other.

There are still four classes to which these belong as a "fighting" style, but otherwise they develop in a very particular way.

The characters are divided into Speedster, Brawler, Trickster and Defender, each with its own characteristics to which are added the distinctive features of each competitor. The management of the boosts is also particular, with some power-ups that are exclusive to the class they belong to or that are used with different results, adding an additional strategic element.

There are no special abilities but some power- up are "pre-installed" for some types of characters, moreover these can be loaded to obtain a more incisive effect in the race, compared to a faster use. Another feature is the fact that it is essentially a live service game, which will therefore be subject to updates and new content released on a more regular and frequent basis.

Disney Speedstorm was announced last February, it is a free-to-play arcade racing game featuring Disney and Pixar characters.

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On the surface, Speedstorm is clearly designed to be Disney’s big step into the ever-present karting space following the success of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled and the chart-topping Mario Kart 8. With tracks and racers promising to reflect the media giant’s widespread properties, from Monsters Inc to Pirates of the Caribbean, it should feel like a celebration of all things Disney… but it also comes off more than a little disingenuous.

Whilst the game isn’t out yet, early looks at Disney Speedstorm reveal that it has a worrying demand for microtransactions or at least mind-numbing grinding. Each character can be levelled-up individually but the issue is that the campaign far outpaces your own experience. Your opponents will simply be better than you, and you’ll either have to choose to grind for upgrade materials or buy them.

Oh, and the item boxes? Unlike, say, Mario Kart, the kinds of weapons you earn from them also depend on another upgrade route for each individual character. Speedstorm lets players keep up with its difficulty curve only if they plunge hours upon hours into it farming for shards or skip the process with a quick payout.

All of these mechanics are the kinds of things you’d expect from a cynical gachapon mobile title, not what should be a warm and inviting nostalgic celebration of family-friendly films and characters.