Great electric scooter at half price from Unieuro! (-47%)

Great electric scooter at half price from Unieuro! (-47%)

If you are</a> looking for an excellent quality scooter at a truly unbeatable price, we offer you the Smartway W1P-M7AL8-K model available from Unieuro for only € 199.00 instead of € 379.90. Among the numerous offers in the field of electric mobility, we have decided to mention this product, as it is a discounted item of 47% compared to the list price!

A particularly valid discount on a design scooter minimal, compact and weighing only 11.8 kg, capable of withstanding a maximum load of 120 kg. Since we are talking about a really valid promotion, active only for a short time, we advise you to make your purchase as long as the price is so advantageous.

The Smartway product we are offering you is equipped with a 350 W and a 37 V lithium-ion battery, a feature that allows the scooter to reach the maximum speed of 25 km / h in a very short time. Furthermore, to recharge the product and obtain maximum autonomy again, simply charge it for 6 hours.

Not least, on the LED display it is equipped with, you can read all the most important information in real time: from the remaining battery and the activated mode, up to the speed and km traveled. The braking system is also a real guarantee, as it has two disc brakes capable of ensuring maximum safety, to slow down or stop completely in the shortest possible space. In addition to being very light and perfect for use in the city, it is also particularly convenient to carry, as you can fold it in a simple step, and then carry it with one hand while you are on the subway, on a bus or on the train.

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