The trailer for the second season of Komi Can't Communicate has been released

The trailer for the second season of Komi Can't Communicate has been released

Some time ago we announced that Komi Can't Communicate (Comi-san wa Comyusho desu), an adaptation of the homonymous manga by Tomohito Oda published in Italy by the J-POP publishing house, would continue with a second season. The new episodes will debut in Japan on April 6, 2022. Now, the official site has started streaming the first trailer which reveals four new cast members and also previews the new opening and ending themes.

All the new information on the second season of Komi Can 't Communicate

The video previews both the opening theme Ao 100 Iro (100 Blue Colors) performed by Miku Itō, and the ending theme Koshaberi Biyori (Fine Day for Small Talk) by FantasticYouth.

Watch the trailer below:

About the first season

The first season of the anime premiered on Tokyo TV and other channels on October 6 last year while it debuted

on Netflix worldwide on October 21.

Komi Can't Communicate: the manga in Italy

The Komi manga Can't Communicate is written and drawn by Tomohito Oda and serialized from May 18, 2016 within Shogakukan's weekly Shonen Sunday. The series consists of 23 volumes, published in Italy thanks to the J-POP publishing house and, if you want, you can retrieve it on Amazon:

Shouko Komi is so beautiful that everyone turns to her as she passes by. Too bad that she has a serious communication disorder: every time she starts thinking about starting a conversation with someone, she ends up obsessing about how to break the ice, how the other will react, what can go wrong ... and freezes. In class, however, she manages to make friends with Tadano, an ordinary guy. Little by little, the two get closer and come to exchange a promise, which will lead the girl from catastrophic relationship problems to discover the bizarre characters that populate her school and to live a hundred new experiences.