Alieno Unum, the electric hypercar with over 5,000 horsepower

Alieno Unum, the electric hypercar with over 5,000 horsepower

Alieno Unum

Alieno, a hypercar manufacturer since 2015 based near the city of Sliven in Bulgaria, about four years ago released renderings of its first product, the Arcanum, but never reached the production stages. Now, some time later, the company has shown new renderings of an even more exclusive solution, although we believe that we will not see the physical example even on this occasion.

Dubbed as Unum, the vehicle takes the form of what probably should be an electric hypercar with obvious design influences from Lamborghini. The name of the vehicle derives from the Latin word “unum”, which means “one”; it is a two-door hypercar with two seats, similar to an electric version but powered by a completely innovative engine. Expected in two versions, known as THF and TRS, Unum could represent a hypercar capable of changing the fate of the automotive market. THF is equipped with a battery-powered electrical system with four power steps available, from the base of 2,610 horsepower up to the more powerful 5,221 horsepower. If these figures aren't impressive enough, know that Unum promises a top speed of 580 kilometers per hour.

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No performance data is available, but the company claims that compressed air is stored at a pressure of up to 700 bar in an air cylinder made of composite materials. An integrated electric compressor or an external compressor loads the cylinder. The air from the compressor also acts as a drying system for the asphalt, so as to avoid aquaplaning and ensure maximum grip.

Urum THF will be available for around 1.8 million euros, while the science fiction TRS for just over 3 million euros. Depending on the specifications, the price can go up to 4.5 million euros; delivery times vary: from 18 to 30 months, depending on the specimen requested to order. - th_motorlabs_d_mh3_1 slot id: th_motorlabs_d_mh3 "); }