An error slowed Intel GPUs by 100x in Ray Tracing

An error slowed Intel GPUs by 100x in Ray Tracing

As we have reported multiple times, one of the biggest challenges Intel will face with the launch of its new line of Arc Alchemist graphics cards is software support, especially drivers.

Apparently, an error in the latter made the performance in the Ray Tracing field well 100 times lower than expected due to an oversight in memory allocation. However, this is not the only problem with the new Arc Alchemist cards, as performance with DirectX 11 titles is also below average in Windows.

Fortunately, as reported by Phoronix colleagues, the last Thursday Lionel Landwerlin implemented a fix in the Intel Mesa Vulkan open-source drivers, which made it possible to "improve the performance of about 100 volts e" in Ray Tracing workloads.

This demonstrates once again how optimized drivers and with the fewest possible bugs are essential to make the most of the hardware at your disposal.

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