The Rosen Blood manga ends

The Rosen Blood manga ends

The manga Rosen Blood by Kachiru Ishizue, being published in our country by the Star Comics publishing house, is about to end. This year's May issue of Akita Shoten's Monthly Princess magazine broke the news. The story will conclude in the August issue of the magazine.

About the Rosen Blood manga

Kachiru Ishizue began serialization of the Rosen Blood manga in Monthly Princess on September 6, 2017. The fourth volume of the manga was published in August 2021. Sensual and exciting, the miniseries with a gothic and decadent atmosphere, follows the surreal story of Stella, in perennial balance between dream and reality, terror and greed.

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This is the plot:

After losing her family, Stella sets out on a journey in search of a job, but is involved in a terrible accident. Left unharmed, she awakens in a huge villa, where she is staying, along with three other beautiful men, the mysterious Levi. Having nowhere to go and to pay off her debt, Stella begins working as a waitress for the four men, who only appear to be human. Soon the girl will realize how dangerous the situation she has found herself in. These, in fact, never eat and chew strange crystals. What's more, they give her eager looks. Thus began the events, suspended between terror and perdition, of a girl bewitched by mysterious non-human creatures ... The curtain rises on a new gothic fantasy romance with bewitching and evocative graphics that has a dark and insidious mansion as its stage!