PlayStation beats Elden Ring and Xbox on Twitter! Early 2022 with a bang

PlayStation beats Elden Ring and Xbox on Twitter! Early 2022 with a bang

After a first year of next-gen, many expected a 2022 start with a bang, and so it was. Only in the first months of this year did we see the release of great titles that will be remembered for years and a whole series of announcements that have shocked us, positively. All this has led the discussion on many shores, but on Twitter it is PlayStation that takes the crown of the most popular videogame topic in these first months of 2022.

To reveal us how they are involving the videogame discussions on Twitter in this first part of the year, Rishi Chadha thought about it, who published a series of tweets that showcase all the most talked about gaming-themed topics on the social platform. To stand out was PlayStation which with the announcement of the acquisition of Bungie created a real earthquake within the video game sector.

So in other Twitter-related news:

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- Rishi Chadha (@RdotChadha) April 5, 2022

Finally, this quartet of the most discussed gaming topics on Twitter closes the last season of Fortnite. These are four very important issues for the sector, but it is curious to see how the unthinkable acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft was beaten both by Elden Ring and by the acquisition of Bungie by Sony. Did you expect it?