Metal Gear Solid: the 35th anniversary site is fake, Konami confirms

Metal Gear Solid: the 35th anniversary site is fake, Konami confirms

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On April 1st, a site dedicated to Metal Gear Solid's 35th anniversary appeared online. Given the date, it was immediately suspected that it was a fake, but hope was the last to die. However, this too is now buried as Konami has officially confirmed that it was a bogus site, not related to the series or the company. Furthermore, Konami has nothing to say about a possible official anniversary celebration.

The information was shared via the TechRadar website, which confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid 35th Anniversary website is actually a fake. Precisely, it was a spokesman for Konami who gave the confirmation. The company has released the following statement: "This site is not Konami's site. We are currently considering how to treat this site."

Konami logo Regarding the anniversary, however, when asked whether or not they had any plans for it, the same spokesperson simply said "We can't say anything right now". Which doesn't necessarily mean there's nothing in the pipeline.

The saga has stopped for some time and fans would like to see it return, even if there doesn't seem to be any chance of Kojima's involvement. At the same time, a slice of the public thinks that the saga has had its day. What do you think about it?

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The Metal Gear Solid 35th anniversary site is fake, Konami confirms

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Sorry folks, we've confirmed the Metal Gear 35th anniversary site is a fake.

'This site is not Konami's site,' a Konami spokesperson told TRG. 'We are currently considering how to deal with this site.'

The fake site popped up on April 1, with the landing screen showing a Metal Gear exclamation point with '35th' written below it. Leading some to believe news on a Metal Gear or Metal Gear Solid game is on the way. 

The site was suspicious, though, not just because the site appeared on April Fools; it was registered through a proxy protection service called Dreamhost. Konami's other pages are registered with a company called MarkMonitor, so this disparity raised questions. 

If you check the site now, it's been updated with details of a 'Metal Gear 35th Anniversary' NFT auction. That wouldn't immediately have raised red flags, as Konami has auctioned NFTs in the past.

But don't be too deflated Metal Gear fans, as it sounds like Konami may have something in the works for the anniversary on July 13. Speaking generally on the Metal Gear 35th anniversary, the spokesperson told TRG: 'There is nothing we can say right now.'

Metal Gear Solid 5

(Image credit: Konami)

Konami's comments seem to suggest it does have something up its sleeve but whether that's the long-coveted Metal Gear Solid 6 remains to be seen.

A new mainline Metal Gear game isn't completely out of the realms of possibility, after all the developer hasn't abandoned the series, releasing Metal Gear Survive in 2018 – which got mixed reviews.

However, with Hideo Kojima no longer at Konami, we imagine a new Metal Gear game could look quite different from the series we know and love.

Plus, there are plenty of directions the developer could take the series in, given that the Metal Gear games typically don't follow a strict chronology. We could even see a remake of the first few game (or few games) in the series, bringing them to a modern audience, like Ubisoft is doing with the Splinter Cell remake.

We'd be very happy with a remastered version of the original Metal Gear games, maybe with the dialogue voiced by the series' modern-day actors. Perhaps with some tweaks to bring the MSX game into line with the canon of the later entries,

We'll likely learn more about what Konami has planned for the anniversary in the next few months. Let's just hope it's something juicy.

Correction: April 1, 2022 An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated it was Metal Gear Solid's 35th anniversary this year. It will be Metal Gear's 35th anniversary this year.