A Ukrainian hacker from the FIN7 group sentenced to 5 years in prison

A Ukrainian hacker from the FIN7 group sentenced to 5 years in prison

We already talked about FIN7 a few days ago, it is a group of cyber-criminals active for several years and also the author of some large ransomware attacks. And the group is talking again these days as a member of Ukrainian nationality was sentenced to a five-year prison sentence, as announced by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ).

The 32-year-old Denys Iarmak, this is the name of the member of FIN7, was condemned for having played the role of penetration tester on behalf of the criminal organization. In the world of security, so-called pen testers test software and security systems. In this case, Iarmak was responsible for managing network intrusions.

As reconstructed by the indictment, the man was in charge of creating intrusion "projects" on JIRA, a suite used to monitor reports of bugs, for the purpose of tracking cyber attacks, including aspects such as initial access, surveillance status and data theft. Each project allowed group members to leave comments and provide suggestions.

Iarmak was identified and arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2019. Despite resisting extradition, the man was taken to US territory in 2020, where he was tried and convicted of complicity in fraud telematics and competition in computer piracy.

The DoJ has launched a campaign of arrests against the members of FIN7 in 2018 and to date, there are three sentences inflicted in the United States: in addition to Iarmak, two other members, Fedir Hladyr and Andrii Kolpako v were sentenced to ten and seven years' imprisonment respectively.