Xbox X Bethesda, still rumor: short event and double show at E3 2021

Xbox X Bethesda, still rumor: short event and double show at E3 2021

Xbox X Bethesda, still rumor

With the official entry of the Zenimax group in the Xbox Games Studios, the expectation is growing for a presentation of the future programs of the huge number of new development teams now under Microsoft's aegis.

In February, they had found diffusion the first rumors related to a possible event signed by Xbox and Bethesda scheduled for March. Now, these rumors are back to take off, relaunched by Jeff Grubb. Journalist and videogame insider with a varied curriculum of predictions revealed - sometimes more, sometimes less - correct, from the pages of his Twitter account he confirms that soon we will be able to have a clearer idea of ​​the plans of the Redmond giant.

In In particular, Jeff Grubb predicts that a streaming event dedicated to Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax will take place very soon. During this appointment, he reports, we can expect news on the front of the implications deriving from the new structure of Bethesda, perhaps even updates on the much debated theme of the supported platforms of future Zenimax games, which could become exclusive Xbox Series X and PC. According to the insider, the event should also offer updates on the front of the expansion of the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

There would be nothing to expect from the presentation of new games or announcements of launch dates. This type of information should in fact be confirmed only during the E3 2021 period. Speaking of the latter, however, Jeff Grubb states that - at least for this year - Microsoft and Bethesda will continue to have two separate shows, due to the long time needed to prepare for this type of big event.

As usual, we remind you that we are talking about rumors: no confirmation has come on this front from Microsoft or Bethesda. So all that remains is to wait for more details!

Xbox Acquisition of Bethesda is Nearly Finished

We’ve heard for quite some time now that Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, which will bring Bethesda into the fold at Xbox Game Studios, has been slated to happen pretty soon. While an exact date for the deal to close has yet to come about, new information that has emerged now tells us that the acquisition could become official as soon as today.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission today released a note making it clear that Microsoft’s filing to acquire ZeniMax Media has now been approved. The move has been in the review stage for the past few months since Xbox first announced that the deal was set to take place. This clearance from the SEC now makes this whole situation that much closer to finally happening, although there still is one more hurdle left to vault.

While the U.S. commission has now signed off on this acquisition, Europe’s own board now also needs to approve the deal as well. Bbased on a deadline that is mentioned on the European Commission website, a decision should be made before the end of today, March 5. That being said, there's always the chance that things could end up moving around just a bit.

Even though Microsoft and Xbox might not formally talk about the deal in depth until a later date, assuming Europe approves this process on its own end, Microsoft could be the new parent company of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda by the end of today. If this ends up transpiring, we’ll be sure to update this story accordingly.

As for what Xbox might do once Bethesda does join its team, well, previous reports and rumors have suggested that the console manufacturer could hold an event of some sort later this month. Details on this showcase aren’t extensive, but Xbox may look to simply talk about how Bethesda will fit into its plans moving forward, which is something that hasn’t transpired that much to this point.

If any sort of event like that did end up coming about, we would obviously keep you in the loop here on Until then, you can continue following all of our future coverage related to Xbox right here.

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