When is The Sims 5, the new Electronic Arts simulator released?

When is The Sims 5, the new Electronic Arts simulator released?

When is The Sims 5

After the success of The Sims 4, EA Games Studios is working on the new version of the life simulator par excellence, the highly anticipated The Sims 5. Do we know anything about the release date? What rumors have leaked so far?

Fans' attention on The Sims 4 sequel, which recently received a new horror expansion pack, was recently teased by Electronic Arts during a video conference with some investors , during which EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that "things are moving for the next-gen," a phrase taken as implicit confirmation of the game's development for next-gen platforms.

A confirmation of this, Wilson added that Maxis, the software house behind all the chapters of the series, has begun to work according to the new generation to allow a rejuvenation of the series, treating the title as a multi-platform: this confirms the arrival of The Sims 5 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well as of course on PC.

Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Sims, which has sold over 200 million copies over the years. Although it seems like the perfect time, therefore, to announce the new The Sims, there are still no traces of a release date but only rumors, in any case it is difficult to expect a new The Sims before 2022 or 2023, also considering that The Sims 4 is continuing to sell very well around the world and that the game has not been officially announced by EA.

Will The Sims 5 Get an Online Mode? New Job Listing Has Fans Concerned

March 11, 2021 6:51 AM EST

For those excited for the next instalment of EA’s The Sims, The upcoming Sims 5 should scratch that itch. Although we haven’t heard of a release date yet or even seen a trailer, The Sims 5 could see a launch window at some stage next year unless the developers spring some magic upon us before then. EA has been busy concentrating on the current Sims 4 but after seven years since a new title, the company are seeking new creative talents for their next Sims title.


Will the Sims 5 Get a Competitive Mode?

According to the Sims Community, a brand new job listing at EA indicates that The Sims 5 could receive a competitive multiplayer mode when it eventually launches. The job listing has required three Backend Software Engineer positions for EA Redwood, EA Austin and EA Canada for “an upcoming Sims game”.

The requirements for the positions are outlined and the company are looking for “software engineers who are capable of developing massively scalable and reliable web services that will support millions of players, as well as other responsibilities during the game’s development.” If that is anything to go by it certainly sounds like they are wanting to implement a multiplayer mode.

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The job listing also suggests a competitive mode as the successful engineer must be able to “creatively blend security best practices and original techniques to keep user data secure and prevent cheating”. This use of wording could mean that EA would like to offer Sims players a competitive edge in multiplayer modes.

At the end of the day, is this something that the players actually want? Glancing through Twitter it seems that quite a few Sim fans think that including an online mode would simply ruin the game.

There you have it. It seems most players feel pretty strongly that they really don’t want an online or a competitive mode. What’s your opinion on it? Let us know in the comments.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One