Valheim, a mysterious teaser for the next update

Valheim, a mysterious teaser for the next update


Having surpassed 6 million copies sold, Valheim is preparing to receive a major update. To reveal it is Iron Gate, developer of the Viking-themed sandbox that has become in effect the true phenomenon of video games of this 2021, earning a very important slice of the public since the first days following the launch.

How Traditionally, Iron Gate has decided to publish the status of Valheim's work on the Steam title page. The next update will be called Hearth and Home and, as previously announced, the focus will be on the kitchen and the expansion of the base-building. The contents? Still unknown of course, but the development team knows perfectly well how to keep the attention high and has released a teaser in the form of an image, even quite evocative, which shows a bird wrapped in the Norse cold. Difficult to understand what it is but over the next few months we will surely know more.

In addition to the content yet to be revealed, Iron Gate's work on Valheim does not stop. The update is in fact only the tip of the iceberg: the software house is working hard to fix and refine the code and fix the bugs, the balance and also the connection problems encountered by the players. All this was possible thanks to a special website, where players can safely report the various errors that undermine the gaming experience, thus allowing developers to make targeted interventions.

We can't wait to find out more about the next Valheim update. We remind you that the title is currently available on PC, obviously on Steam in the Early Access version. In the near future, versions for Mac OS could also arrive, while at present the development team has no console version planned but if the attention remains high the possibility of seeing a port on PlayStation 5 cannot be excluded a priori, Xbox Series X | S and maybe even Nintendo Switch.

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Valheim Teases Its Hearth and Home Update As It Crosses 6 Million Units Sold

Iron Gate has teased Valheim's Hearth and Home update with a new image alongside announcing that its Norse survival game has officially passed six million units sold.Now that things are 'calming down since launch,' Iron Gate is able to spend more time focusing on Hearth and Home. While not much is known about this new update, Valheim's lead artist did share a small sneak peak, which you can see below;

Hearth and Home is said to 'focus on the house building aspect of the game' and will provide 'more building pieces and stuff to do in and around the house.' This is one of the many planned updates that Iron Gate has planned for Valheim's 2021.

Speaking of sales, Valheim has reached this impressive six million milestone in just a little over six weeks since its launch. Although it is already a huge success, the game is still in Early Access and the team is hard at work at fixing high priority bugs and many of the problems that have been reported, including networking issues and balance tweaks to 'our most evil bug, the Deathsquito!'

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