Two discounted WiFi repeaters: single and dual band

Two discounted WiFi repeaters: single and dual band

Two discounted WiFi repeaters

The coverage of wireless networks is not always such as to be able to reach all points in the home or office in an optimal way: in case of difficulty, a WiFi repeater may prove to be the best solution as it is rather cheap and effective to solve the problem. Today we offer here the model of the Aigital brand proposed on Amazon in a flash offer with 15% discount on the list price.

Aigital and TP-Link WiFi repeaters on offer

A performance level reaches a speed of 300 Mbps in data transfer. It can count on two integrated antennas and an Ethernet slot for wired connection of devices. Full compatibility guaranteed for both fiber and ADSL networks. It should be noted that this is a single band unit that works on 2.4 GHz. Installation is very simple thanks to the WPS button for direct authentication with the router.

All this today is offered at a price of only € 16.99 instead of € 19.99 as per the price list. Since this is a flash offer proposed by Amazon, the advice for those interested is not to waste time as it is available only for a few hours and until the units in promotion are exhausted.

Who instead look for a WiFi repeater of the dual band category can take advantage of the discount on the TP-Link RE190 model (visible in the image above), also offered today with a 15% discount at the price of 22.09 euros instead of 25, 99 euros. In this case we arrive at 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 433 Mbps on 5 GHz.

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TP-Link’s best Wi-Fi extender is only $35 at Amazon, or get a mesh Wi-Fi system for $130

WiFi Range Extender Amazon © Provided by BGR WiFi Range Extender Amazon
  • Amazon is running a big President’s Day sale this week on TP-Link home networking gear, and there are a few deals in particular that you should definitely check out.
  • The $50 TP-Link RE300 Wi-Fi range extender is widely regarded as the company’s best all-around model, and it’s down to $34.99 right now.
  • You can also ditch your current router and switch to a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system for as little as $129.99!
  • So many people have poor Wi-Fi signal in their homes and they just live with it. Whether you just think that’s how home wireless signals are or you don’t want to do anything because you think any potential fix will be expensive, we’ve got news for you: you’re wrong. Home Wi-Fi doesn’t have to be a pain point in your life. In fact, it absolutely shouldn’t be, considering how much we all rely on wireless internet these days.

    The good news is that help is finally on the way because Amazon is running a big President’s Day sale this week on TP-Link home networking devices.

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    Price: $25.99

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    If you have a pretty decent setup at home with just a few dead spots here and there, we’ve got something that could be the perfect fix for you. It’s called the TP-Link RE300 Wi-Fi range extender, and many people consider it to be TP-Link’s best extender. This great little $50 box is compatible with just about any router you already have in your home, and it’s a breeze to set up. Right now at Amazon, it’s on sale for just $34.99.

    If your issues run a bit deeper than just a few pesky dead spots, you might want to consider upgrading your current router to a mesh Wi-Fi system. That phrase often sends people heading for the hills, but you can get a very good mesh system for so much less than you think. In fact, Amazon has two top-rated systems on sale right now for prices you won’t believe — the TP-Link Deco S4 Mesh WiFi System is on sale for just $129.99, and the upgraded TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System is down to $149.99!

    Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a wonderfully affordable option for anyone looking to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 technology. TP-Link’s Archer AX10 Smart WiFi 6 Router retails for just $80, which already makes it so much more affordable than most Wi-Fi 6 routers you’ll come across. Grab one while it’s discounted at Amazon, and you’ll pay just $71.99.

    TP-Link RE300 Wi-Fi range extender
  • Extend Wi-Fi Coverage – Boosts Internet Wi-Fi Coverage up to 1500 Square feet and connects up to 25 devices – Compatible with any Router, Gateway, Access Point (2.4GHz – 300Mbps / 5GHz – 867Mbps)
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones – Enjoy Lag-Free connection to any type of device. Does not support Ethernet port connection
  • Stay Connected – Expand Wi-Fi Coverage for your Smart Phones, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Web Browsing, Alexa Echo, Ring, and more
  • TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender (RE300), Covers Up to 1500 Sq.ft and 25 Devices, Up to 1200Mbps, S…

    Price: $34.99

    You Save: $15.00 (30%)

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    TP-Link Deco S4 Mesh WiFi System
  • A New Way to WiFi: Deco Mesh technology gives you a better WiFi experience in all directions with faster WiFi speeds and a strong WiFi signal to cover your whole home.
  • Better Coverage than traditional WiFi routers: Deco S4 three units work seamlessly to create a WiFi mesh network that can cover homes up to 5,500 square feet. No dead zone anymore.
  • Seamless and Stable WiFi Mesh: Rather than a wifi range extender that needs multiple network names and passwords, Deco S4 allows you to enjoy seamless roaming throughout the house, with a single network name and password.
  • TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System (Deco S4) – Up to 5,500 Sq.ft. Coverage, WiFi Router and Extend…

    Price: $129.99

    You Save: $20.00 (13%)

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    TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System
  • JD Power Award- Highest in customer satisfaction for wireless routers 2017 and 2019
  • If you’re Looking to ditch Your traditional router extender setup for a whole-home Wi-Fi system, put the TP-Link Deco M5 Wi-Fi system on your shortlist PC mag said
  • Better coverage than traditional Wi-Fi routers: Deco M5 uses three units working seamlessly to create a mesh network that can cover homes up to 5, 500 square feet. No dead zone anymore.
  • TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System(Deco M5) –Up to 5,500 sq. ft. Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devi…

    Price: $149.99

    You Save: $40.00 (21%)

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    TP-Link Archer AX10 Smart WiFi 6 Router
  •  Power Award —Highest in customer satisfaction for wireless routers 2017 and 2019
  • Wi-Fi 6 Router: Archer AX10 comes equipped with the latest wireless technology WiFi 6 featuring OFDMA 1024-QAM, drastically increasing the speed and efficiency of the entire network.
  • Next-gen Dual Band router – 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz (802. 11n) + 1201 Mbps on 5 GHz (802.11ax)
  • Connect more devices than ever before Wi-Fi 6 technology simultaneously communicates more data to more devices using OFDMA and MU-MIMO while reducing lag dramatically
  • TP-Link Wifi 6 AX1500 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX10) – 802.11ax Router, 4 Gigabit LAN Ports,…

    Price: $71.99

    You Save: $8.00 (10%)

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