The new TIM FTTH fiber network up to 10 Gigabit per second is already operational!

The new TIM FTTH fiber network up to 10 Gigabit per second is already operational!

An important day regarding the development and expansion process of the new generation fiber optic internet network.

In fact, thanks to a new investment by TIM in this regard, the cities of Turin, Rome and Genoa will be among the first to test a connection speed never seen before. Let's find out more about this project, which starts from TV to get to "real" life.

From TV to everyday life

"TIM confirms itself as a leading player in the innovation and development of new generation networks and services and activates the first ultra broadband connections on FTTH (Fiber To The Home) optical fiber with speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second ", the company wrote in its press release.

" The the first reality in Italy to adopt this technology is the 'Amici' television studio which, starting tomorrow, will test super speed in front of millions of spectators. The new solution is made possible by the adoption of the XGS-PON network technology which allows in symmetrical mode, or in download (from network to customer) and upload (from customer to network), to travel up to 10 Gigabits per second “.

The test in the television studio will then allow TIM to expand this new technology (starting tomorrow) also to three Italian cities, already reached by the new generation network. This new implementation will therefore equip the users of the blue operator with download and ping speeds capable of changing habits regarding internet use.

"This further record", declares Quang Ngo Dinh, Manager TIM Consumer Market, “confirms our commitment to anticipate innovative solutions for the development of the fiber optic network in Italy”.

"As TIM, we are ready to offer the XGS-PON solution in some Italian cities to ensure our customers increasingly faster connections that enable the best user experience of digital services: from online gaming to the use of content of entertainment up to applications for companies and industrial districts ”.

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