The new AMD Epyc Genoa will have 96 cores

The new AMD Epyc Genoa will have 96 cores

A new server CPU from AMD's EPYC line was unveiled in a tweet posted by ExecutableFix. Specifically, the processor object of the post is the AMD Genoa based on Zen 4 architecture, which will be equipped with 96 cores and 192 threads, with support for the new DDR5 memories up to 52oo MHz in 12-channel configuration. The author also confirmed in the post that the CPU will have full support for PCIe Gen5.

Apparently, however, the changes inside are much more profound and radical than previous generations. The main novelty will be the adoption of a new SP5 socket, a clear evolution of the current SP3 on which all current EPYC CPUs are based. The processors of the current generation have a rectangular shape and are equipped with 4094 pins while the future processors, according to what reported, will be equipped with 2002 more pins (LGA6096), giving the new chips a square design.
credit: ExecuFix An image released on the net by ExecuFix instead shows the new internal design of the Genoa CPUs, which show a significant upgrade of the CCDs on board. The new EPYC Zen 4 will in fact most likely be equipped with 12 chiplets, each with 8 Compute Cores and separate I / O management. This means that AMD does not intend to increase the number of cores of each chiplet, but rather has among its plans an increase in the number of cores on each single chip. It is not clear, however, if this strategy will also be adopted on desktop and mainstream Ryzen series processors.

Given the presence of 96 cores, the flagship CPU of the series will have a basic TDP of 320W with the possibility of reaching 400W in some particular configurations, an increase of 40W compared to previous generations. This is possible since the Zen4 will be built with the new 5nm manufacturing process. The dates or release periods have not been officially disclosed in any way, but we know from the roadmap presented that the EPYC Genoa will be presented no earlier than 2022 and will be the direct competitors of the new Intel Xeon equipped with Sapphire Rapids architecture.

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