Tesla increases the price of Model S: Plaid + goes up by 10 thousand euros

Tesla increases the price of Model S: Plaid + goes up by 10 thousand euros

Tesla increases the price of Model S

The cars of the American brand Tesla had undergone a price cut in our country last January to allow most of the models to fall within the state and regional eco-incentives; recently these prices have been revised again, raising them by about 500 euros for most versions of Tesla Model 3.

The latter is Tesla's best seller and was offered in Italy, in the version Standard Range with 448 km of autonomy, at a base price of 47,990 euros now increased to 48,490 euros. Similar speech for the Long Range variant with 580 km of autonomy which goes from 53,990 euros to the current 54,490 euros.

The Performance version, on the other hand, is against the trend which, in order to meet the requirements of the eco-bonus, maintains its price of 60,990 euros, only 10 euros less than the legal threshold to be able to join the Green incentives; the price adjustments also affect the higher categories, substantially increasing the price of the recently renewed Model S flagship.

The latter was introduced less than a month ago and immediately generated controversy on the web due to the futuristic design of the steering wheel, defined by Tesla itself as an airplane stick; the price remains unchanged for the Long Range versions - 89,990 euros - and Plaid -119,990 euros - but sees a huge jump of 10,000 euros on the more extreme version Plaid +, capable of 800 km of autonomy and 1100+ hp, bringing the total price to well 150,990 euros.

It is not clear what convinced Tesla to increase the price of this version in such a substantial way, probably the development and production of the new 4680 batteries present exclusively on this model could have turned out to be more expensive than expected.

Nothing changes for the SUVs of the American brand, both Model Y and Model X were not even remotely affected by this price increase, certainly Tesla has a very specific strategy in mind that we will discover in the coming months. In Italy Tesla Model Y can already be ordered but will arrive on the streets when production starts in the Gigafactory in Berlin.

Tesla Model S Plaid+ price rose by $10,000 overnight

Tesla has a history of making pricing adjustments on the fly, usually without any sort of announcement. That means it's up to the consumer to keep a close eye on the online ordering section of Tesla's website. The latest example of this pricing strategy appeared last night as the price of the Tesla Model S Plaid+ was raised from $139,990 to $149,990.

That's a huge $10,000 increase, and it comes well before any vehicles were ever actually delivered. Tesla is currently estimating a late 2021 delivery date for a Model S Plaid+ ordered today. It also estimates a 0-60 time of less than 1.99 seconds, a top speed of 200 miles per hour and 520 miles of range.

Other variants of the Model S, which include the base $79,990 Long Range and the regular non-plus Plaid at $119,990, stayed the same. Now would be a good time to remind you that Tesla displays prices on its website minus 'potential incentives and gas savings.' In the case of the Model S, actual transaction prices are $5,500 higher than what's initially listed before switching from the Potential Savings tab to the Purchase Price tab.

The price of the base Standard Range Plus version of the Tesla Model 3 also changed last night. The new price of $37,490 represents a $500 increase, which still means it is the least expensive vehicle currently sold by Tesla. Tesla's website lists Model 3 prices with 'potential incentives and gas savings of $4,300.'

The Tesla Model X starts at $89,990 for the Long Range and $119,990 for the Plaid (before 'potential incentives and gas savings of $5,300'), but there is no Plaid+ version of the crossover.

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