Red Bull Campus Clutch: the first round of the Italian Qualifiers ends

Red Bull Campus Clutch: the first round of the Italian Qualifiers ends

Red Bull Campus Clutch

Italian university students began to battle over VALORANT in the first national Qualifier of the Red Bull Campus Clutch, which ended on March 9.

The teams involved immediately dispelled any doubts about the level of the competition, making the numerous understand and passionate public connected from home that Campus Clutch is truly one of the most interesting and compelling events of the 2021 export season.

The first to take the field were the Reply Totem against the Fareshi, who have kept faith with the predictions and managed to win 7 to 13 in a really tense match full of twists. The second semifinal, which saw the Handless and the JettReviveMe engaged, however, turned out to be a one-way game in favor of the first team, who triumphed bringing home a round 13 to 0, in particular thanks to the deeds of its player more skilled, looM, which has really beaten the competition with kill shots.

The first Italian Qualifier ended with the final between Fareshi and Handless, a real showdown between two truly amazing teams, in able to entertain and galvanize the public from the beginning of the game. Despite the commitment and desire shown, the Handless have had to surrender to the overwhelming power of their opponents for 13 to 6, still staging a truly breathtaking match.

All the clashes took place on Ascent, an inspired map Italy and on average large, a characteristic that has led the teams to make the most of even the most elaborate strategies, guaranteeing unpredictability and unparalleled frenzy to the action.

The Fareshi team, which started as a favorite thanks to a roster made up of expert players of the Riot Games shooter, only needed the first qualifying round to prove how high the level of the Red Bull Campus Clutch is, now all that remains is to count the days until the next Qualifier… appointment set for Tuesday, March 16 on the Red Bull Italia Twitch channel!

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