Q&A Deluxe from 3pm today on Twitch: Everyeye answers, leave your questions!

Q&A Deluxe from 3pm today on Twitch: Everyeye answers, leave your questions!

Q&A Deluxe from 3pm today on Twitch

To close this intense videogame week, the editorial team of Everyeye is planning a new appointment with Q&A Deluxe, returning again today for two hours of chatting and curiosity.

Starting at 15:00 on Friday March 19, the Everyeye Twitch Channel offers a rich event entirely dedicated to the questions, doubts and opinions of the community. With two hours of chat, the live broadcast will last for about two hours, with an expected conclusion therefore at about 17:00. To establish the agenda, as always, your questions, which we therefore invite you to anticipate freely, using for this purpose the comments space available directly at the bottom of this news.

There is certainly no shortage of discussion points, among the recent Square Enix Presents, which surprisingly offered a new look at Forspoken, the definitive title of the intriguing Project Athia. In addition to the second reveal of the Action RPG for PS5 and PC, the Japanese giant also presented all the first information on Life is Strange: True Colors, the third chapter of the saga. Space also for the new expansion of Marvel's Avengers, which will bring with it the debut of Black Panther. But that's not all: Sony has shown future PlayStation VR 2 controllers, while Microsoft has confirmed an indie show coming to Xbox Series X | S and Game Pass, with the latter officially welcoming Outriders on Day One.

To discuss this and much more, we are waiting for you on the Everyeye Twitch Channel starting at 15:00. We remind you that to subscribe to the Channel simply click on the appropriate purple heart-shaped icon. In this way you will receive a notification when the broadcast starts and you will be able to interact directly with the editorial team.

Review: 'Q: Into the Storm' gets lost in details, misses big picture

Tom Long, Special to The Detroit News Published 3:38 p.m. ET March 18, 2021

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that has big establishment types from Hillary Clinton to Tom Hanks running pedophile rings and drinking the blood of babies. The one man who can destroy this coven of baby blood drinkers is Donald J. Trump.

So, yeah, that’s nuts.

Jim Watkins and Ron Watkins in 'Q: Into the Storm.'

 (Photo: HBO)

But what’s really nuts is that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans believe in the bonkers internet messages of Q, whoever/whatever that is. This is ripe material for investigation.

Why are so many Americans open to believing such obvious silliness? What effect do such conspiracy theories have on the social fabric, on families and friendships? Has the speed and viciousness of the internet destroyed the very idea of factual information and what can be done about it?

None of these questions and many others are given much time in the six-part HBO documentary series “Q: Into the Storm.” Instead writer-producer Cullen Hoback travels the world trying to figure who Q is. And pretty quickly he elicits the reaction: Who cares?

Hoback focuses on three, er, eccentric people. Fred Brennan is the wheelchair-using inventor of 8chan, the internet space where Q first posted his mysterious messages. Fred worked for Jim Watkins, an oddball American schemer living in the Philippines, and with Jim’s son, Ron, better known as Codemonkey. Any one of them might be Q. Or it could be Steve Bannon. Or it could be General Flynn. Or it could be you.

Hoback briefly establishes what Q is and offers some history of internet conspiracies — Anonymous to Gamergate to Pizzagate then Q. But what he spends way too much time studying is the bickering disintegration of the relationship between Brennan and the Watkins. Again, who cares?

All of this culminates in the attack on the Capitol, and then Hoback reveals who he thinks Q is, which leads to… nothing. The real question is what have we become when so many embrace such paranoid delusions?  

Tom Long is a longtime contributor to The Detroit News. 

'Q: Into the Storm'


9 p.m. Sunday


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