Privacy Guarantor: fine of 75,000 euros to the MiSE

Privacy Guarantor: fine of 75,000 euros to the MiSE

Privacy Guarantor

The Guarantor for the protection of personal data has paid a fine of 75,000 euros to the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) for having published the personal data of over 5,000 managers on the website and for not having appointed the Data Protection Officer (DPO) by May 28, 2018, the date of entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The Guarantor fines a Public Administration

The Guarantor writes that for the first time the penalty was sanctioned by a Public Administration for not having appointed the DPO within the established term, despite having been sent a specific communication to all Ministries in May 2017, indicating the aforementioned appointment as one of the priorities to be considered in adapting to the new European legislation.

The non-appointment was discovered during the investigation launched following the reports received from the Guarantor on the presence of a list of managers on the MiSE website. This list contained numerous personal data of over 5,000 professionals: name, social security number, email addresses and the complete curriculum vitae with additional data, including telephone number, education and training, professional experience, identification document and health card.

The authority has detected a disproportionate processing of personal data and therefore not in compliance with the legislation in force. The Guarantor explains that the MiSE had to use less invasive tools for the disclosure of data, avoiding the risk of illegitimate use by third parties (identity theft, profiling, phishing and more). For such violations, the Ministry will have to pay a fine of 75,000 euros.

Source: Privacy Guarantor

Google Chrome needs to copy this Microsoft Edge feature we guarantee you’ll use every day

a screen shot of an open laptop computer sitting on top of a table: Google Chrome Copy Paste Microsoft Edge UK Release New Features © MICROSOFT • GETTY Google Chrome Copy Paste Microsoft Edge UK Release New Features

If you find yourself moving between devices when working and need to keep track of the links you've copied, Microsoft Edge has a new feature that should solve a lot of headaches for you. Dubbed Shared Links, this new feature expands on the existing browser history menu - but lets you search through just the URLs that you've copied throughout the day.

Microsoft lets you search through the URLs for keywords or the website name to make tracking down the right link easier. So, rather than forcing you to click through your tabs to find the correct URL, or scroll down a list of indecipherable website links, Microsoft Edge will now present everything is a clean, easy-to-read, and searchable list. Simples.

Better yet, Shared Links are synchronised between devices, so if you've moved from a desktop to a laptop or a two-in-one tablet hybrid, you'll still be able to quickly search for a link that you copied on a separate device a few hours ago to send in Microsoft Teams, Slack, Gmail, or another app. A similar feature is already available on Windows 10, dubbed Windows Cloud Clipboard, which lets you bring links and text copied on one Windows 10 device to another. But by building the feature into Edge itself, Microsoft ensures that you'll be able to take copied URLs between platforms too, Windows Latest has revealed.

'We send and receive a large number of links throughout our work weeks. However, when we actually need to use them, we may not remember what the link was called, where we last saw it, or whether we opened it at all,' Microsoft announced the feature in a company blog post. 'The current processes that users have to re-find their links can be difficult and time-consuming. Users spend time and energy trying to find links that have been shared with them and sometimes shared by themselves, looking in various apps, checking their email and chat messages, and sometimes by asking someone else to find or re-send the link to them.'

graphical user interface: Google Chrome Copy Paste Microsoft Edge UK Release New Features © MICROSOFT • WINDOWS LATEST Google Chrome Copy Paste Microsoft Edge UK Release New Features

According to Microsoft, it hopes Shared Links will 'help users save time and effort by making links shared with/by user searchable in the history page of Edge Browser'.

Although Shared Links is still in beta-testing, Microsoft is allowing users to trial the feature as an extension to their web browser right now. Since the feature isn't finished, you might encounter a few issues, however, reporting these should ensure a polished version of Shared Links reaches every Microsoft Edge user worldwide a little quicker.

For those who don't know, Microsoft Edge was completely redesigned from the ground-up last year using the same Chromium code that powers Google Chrome - the most popular web browser on the planet. While Microsoft Edge is now compatible with every extension in the Chrome Web Store and will work seamlessly with all web apps designed for Chrome, there are still some pretty stark differences between the competing web browsers.

With Shared Links, Microsoft has introduced another differentiating feature that Google should absolutely rush to copy for its own browser.

If you're unsure whether you should be using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your laptop or desktop PC right now, we've broken down all the reasons why you might be using the wrong web browser and should switch as soon as possible here.