Netflix is ​​finally declaring war on password sharing

Netflix is ​​finally declaring war on password sharing

The people in charge of Netflix are currently testing a new notification for some users who obtain their active Netflix account through a family member or friend, but who do not live in the same household. The message states that the user must create their own account if they want to continue using the service and do not live with the main owner in the household. Users then have to enter a verification code, which is sent to the account owner's email address.

Once the password has been entered, users can access the Netflix catalog as usual. It remains to be seen whether the company will take even stricter measures in the near future. In any case, it is a further step towards preventing the popular password sharing. According to the Netflix Terms of Use, this is only allowed with members of your own household. According to a statement by a Netflix spokesman, this test is initially a measure so that only those users who have been authorized to access the account of a paying subscriber can really only get access to it.


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Source: CNBC