M’illumino by Xiaomi: 20% discount and there was light

M’illumino by Xiaomi: 20% discount and there was light

M’illumino by Xiaomi

How to best illuminate your desktop workstation? Desk lamps are not always optimal and above all they have a flaw: having a support arm, they must be positioned laterally, trying to direct them towards the keyboard and at the same time avoid obstructing the view. However, Xiaomi wanted to develop an alternative that inevitably intrigues. All the more so when the discount is 20% and the cost thus falls from 59.99 to 39.99 euros.

Xiaomi, this is how the station lights up

It is a light led inserted in a tubular able to develop horizontally above the screen. It can be placed on the upper edge and then oriented, thus avoiding harmful reflections on the screen, directing the light only on the flat surface between the display and the operator.

Elegant design, easy installation. Power can be obtained by recharging simply from the USB sockets available on the rear panel of the display. The created glow helps to safeguard your eyesight by reducing the contrast of the monitor brightness in an insufficiently lit environment. Also excellent for studying or reading at night.

Light and color are adjustable, as well as the rotation which is ensured by a magnetic coupling. It doesn't take much to completely change the work experience: in this case, thanks to the offer that will expire within the next few hours, € 39.99 could be enough.