Gargoyles - Neca announces the Goliath action figure

Gargoyles - Neca announces the Goliath action figure

Finally someone remembered Gargoyles, the legendary animated series that aired between 1994 and 1997. Neca has announced the first figure with joints and joints of winged monsters designed by Disney. Oh yes dear readers, as strange as it may seem, the series Gargoyles - The awakening of the heroes was by Disney and was one of those projects, I would venture to define courageous and ambitious for the time, which winked at more themes dark and less childish when compared to those we were used to at the time, with a captivating plot, full of intrigues and twists. Today, the Gargoyles - Heroes Awakening series is available in full on Disney Plus.

Superstition and the sword ruled the earth 1000 years ago. It was the time of darkness, it was the time of fear, it was the time of the Gargoyles. Statues by day, warriors by night. We were betrayed by the humans we swore to protect. Turned to stone with a spell for 1000 years. Now, here in Manhattan, the spell is broken and we are back to life. We are the creatures of the night, we are the Gargoyles.

Neca has created a very well made pvc figure, with frightening details and an incredibly faithful paint to the animated series. From the photos in our possession we can see that various accessories and interchangeable parts will be included in order to allow us collectors to recreate the iconic scenes seen on TV. Goliath will have two heads, one in a quiet state and one decidedly more angry, a pair of open hands and a pair of closed hands. To enrich the whole thing is the extreme definition of the sculpt and an excellent use of the shades that accentuate the shapes of the Gargoyles' musculature.

While we await more accurate information on the price, Neca announces that Goliath will be available in July 2021. Collectors, speak up ... are you ready to collect them all?

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