Dying Light 2: what will we find out on Wednesday? Definitely not the release date

Dying Light 2: what will we find out on Wednesday? Definitely not the release date

Dying Light 2

On Wednesday, March 17, Techland will publish a Dying Light 2 Dev Update with the aim of updating the community on development. What information will we discover this week? Definitely not the launch date, as confirmed by the Community Manager of the Polish studio.

Speaking on Discord, Uncy (this is the nickname of the Community Manager) makes it known that this communication opportunity was born with the aim of "making people understand better to the players how the development of Dying Light 2 is going "and obviously the hope is to make the wait more pleasant.

We will not talk, Uncy reiterates, about the release date of the game and there are no plans to launch Dying Light 2 in Early Access. Furthermore, it is confirmed that Dying Light 2 has not been canceled, the works continue and there are no particular problems, simply the title was shown too soon to the public and this generated a huge hype resulting in a long wait.

There are those who hypothesize the cancellation of the old-gen versions in favor of a development oriented only to the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S platforms, Uncy did not want to say more, inviting you to stay tuned on March 17 for news on the project. A recent report spoke of a problematic development for Dying Light 2 but apparently this is not the case, in a few days we will know more.

Dying Light 2 update promised by Techland later this week

Developer Techland has promised to share 'a few words' about the Dying Light 2 development process this Wednesday, it's announced via Twitter.

A new post over the weekend announced the news, and has announced there will be a dev update on March 17. In follow-up replies to the tweet, the account also refuted claims that the game was trapped in development hell in spite of recent news of a reported turbulent studio atmosphere just last month.

In response to a fan, a tweet from the official account said 'Afaik the definition of a dev hell requires the game to not make any development progress, while DL2 keeps moving forward, we announced the game too early but it's far from being in a dev hell.' 

'Exciting news' has been promised on Dying Light 2 since the beginning of this year, so we'll get to see exactly what Techland have up their sleeves on Wednesday, though if you want to be sure you're first to hear what they've got cooking the studio encourages you to join their Discord server. We'll be sure to update you here on Videogamer too once we know more.