Deathloop: Director Dinga Bakaba talks about the creative processes behind development

Deathloop: Director Dinga Bakaba talks about the creative processes behind development


Deathloop's release on PlayStation 5 and PC is getting closer and closer. But what lies behind the creative process that led to the new Arkane Studios project coming May 21st? Dinga Bakaba, Deathloop's game director and former designer of Dishonored 2, explains the details and background.

First, the team selected which mechanics to pick up from past productions, making sure they are still fun at a distance of years: this process "In some ways it's heartbreaking, as you have to constantly be in doubt. But at the same time I think it's healthy, so you don't rush to a decision just because it worked in the previous game," Bakaba explained.

One element that Deathloop takes from Dishonored is the way it gives players the freedom to interact with the game world. The director points out that this approach is part of Arkane's philosophy: "We really leave the game in the hands of the players. It is something we absolutely want to continue doing, as I believe it is part of our DNA." The team therefore hopes to replicate this philosophy in Deathloop, while still making it unique in its own way: compared to Dishonored "it is more varied in terms of approaches and opportunities to completely bypass combat or confrontations. We have provided methods for shooting in these maps without even engaging no NPC at all because I believe that this option should be there, especially with the time loop mechanics ",

The mind behind Deathloop also dwells on the presence of two distinct playable protagonists: "In terms of gameplay it is a wealth to be able to discover two different sets of powers, and it is narratively interesting to have two different points of view on events" . Bakaba, however, points out that the protagonists "both offer a completely different way of approaching the game. It's more or less the opposite of Dishonored 2, where there were two characters facing the same adventure going through the same situations, but with different perspectives. and tools ".

In a previous interview, the director confirmed that the Deathloop campaign will be as rich as those of Dishonored and Prey. Deathloop is not currently in development on Xbox Series X / S.

Deathloop Will Let You Take All The Time You Need For The Perfect Run

Deathloop, the latest IP from the developers of Dishonored and Prey, might be a game about planning the perfect string of assassinations, but you'll never be pressured to do them within a time limit.

Deathloop is described by creative director Dinga Bakaba as a murder puzzle, one where you have a single day to figure out how to assassinate eight targets and break the time loop you find yourself trapped in. With so many ways to take them out, distinct districts to investigate, and a rival assassin to evade, Deathloop with give you the freedom to plan without the stress of countdown.

'So this may be a game about time, but you're not on a timer,' Babaka explains. 'You can figure things out at your own pace and in any order you want to piece together the perfect loop to freedom.'

Bakaba also hints at other features to Deathloop that Arkane hasn't detailed yet, including some of the supernatural powers you'll be able to retain between runs and the otherworldly gun augmentations that will play into your planned hits. There are also shots in the footage above suggesting that districts can appear different at different times during each loop, which can play into how you figure out the optimal route.

Deathloop is launching on May 21 for PlayStation 5 and PC. Although Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Arkane through the purchase of Bethesda, there are currently no plans for the game to come to Xbox Series X|S.

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