An impressive Robocop statue has been built in Detroit

An impressive Robocop statue has been built in Detroit

In Detroit, after ten years of construction, an imposing statue of Robocop was built, entirely financed through crowdfunding.

It was 2011 when a collective of artists from Detroit, called Imagination Station, decided, in the wake of a viral news in which a person asked the then mayor of the city Dave Bing if you could have a statue of Robocop, to ask for donations to really build such a thing.

Within a short time, over $ 60,000 was raised for its implementation, but however, not unlike a string of early Kickstarter projects (which was still a relatively new thing in 2011), there was no idea how much it could actually cost. to produce such a statue.

This, combined with several health problems suffered by one of the sculptors, Giorgio Gikas, who contracted a bad cancer, delayed the project by ten years. But the passion of these artists and the willpower pushed them to continue and after a decade, they finally managed to finish the work: the statue is more than three meters high and weighing half a ton, which become two if you sum that of the base.

However, now another problem arises: there is nowhere to place the imposing statue, especially due to the latest redevelopments of the Detroit area, which it has taken away all available space for such a work.

Such an installation would be a great tourist attraction, but in the midst of a pandemic, attracting people to one place doesn't seem to be the right thing. We hope that, sooner or later, the statue of Robocop will find its place in that of Detroit, also to ensure that the artists of Imagination Station can exhibit the fruit of their work.

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