Nioh 2: The third DLC will add a new level of difficulty

Nioh 2: The third DLC will add a new level of difficulty
It was a very eventful week full of news for Koei Tecmo's guys. In fact, in the last few hours, the Japanese company has officially announced the arrival of Nioh 2 both on PC (thanks to the Complete Edition) but also on the next-gen Sony console. However, the news regarding the Japanese soulslike does not seem to stop there as, during the day today Koei has decided to reveal some interesting news on the third (and last) DLC of Nioh 2.

Obviously the creators of the game do not are let slip who knows what detail. In fact, the few updates that we know concern the actual release date of the DLC (December 19th), some minimal details on the story and the fact that there will be an interesting "new mechanic". As you well know by now this trilogy started with "Darkness at the Palace" (first DLC) will end with the third and final downloadable content that will see the protagonist finish his journey through time once and for all. The story will uncover some important news related to the character of Otakemaru. We will also discover the origins of the very first samurai in history.

However, apart from the details regarding the narrative of Nioh 2, the gameplay will also boast some not indifferent news. Beyond the multitude of weapons and spirits that will be made available thanks to the third DLC, the main novelty will concern a new level of difficulty. The creators of the title have not released a lot of news on this specific feature but have guaranteed that the new difficulty will give even the most experienced players a hard time.

In short, if you count yourself among those people who have criticized the level of difficulty present in Nioh 2, this DLC could make you change your mind. For the moment, the third downloadable content dedicated to Nioh 2 will remain a PS4 exclusive, but it will also be introduced in the future in the Complete Edition which will be released on PC.

If you are interested in trying the new adventures proposed by Nioh 2 we invite you to take a look at the following link!

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