Netflix: Millie Bobby Brown will next lead

Netflix: Millie Bobby Brown will next lead
Millie Bobby Brown became world famous four years ago with the Netflix mystery series "Stranger Things". Since then, the young British woman can hardly save herself from film offers. Now the actress got another lead role in a Netflix film. In the fantasy adventure "Damsel" Brown is supposed to play the young princess Elodi, who is "married" into a rival kingdom. But soon afterwards she finds out that the custom of the country calls for sacrificing the princess to a hungry dragon. However, the princess does not want to submit to this fate so easily and begins to prepare for the fight with the beast. In addition to her leading role, 16-year-old Brown will also co-produce the Netflix film.

Boredom looks different

Last year, the actress was in "Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters" "to see on the big screen and in the direct successor" Godzilla Vs. Kong "she will slip back into the role of Madison Russell in 2021. In addition to Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter, she also recently played the eponymous main character Enola Holmes in another successful Netflix hit. On top of that, Brown will again take on the role of the psychologically gifted elf in the fourth season of the successful series "Stranger Things", which will also appear on the streaming portal in 2021.

The Spanish will direct "Damsel" Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. He directed, among other things, films such as "28 Weeks later" or the thriller "Intruders", in which Clive Owen played the leading role. The script for the fantasy adventure comes from "Wrath of the Titans" co-writer Dan Mazeau. The budget of the film should be in the range between 60 and 70 million. When filming will start and the title will appear on Netflix has not yet been determined.

Source: Filmstarts

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