Fortnite: how to get 80 V-Buck for free on November 22nd in Tavolaccia

Fortnite: how to get 80 V-Buck for free on November 22nd in Tavolaccia
You still have a few hours to buy the Venom bundle in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale item shop. If you do not yet have the necessary tokens to purchase, we offer you the Save the World missions valid only today, November 22, 2020, and useful for accumulating at least 80 V-Bucks. active missions until 2:00 Italian of this night, we suggest as always to complete the Daily Task, whose rewards can vary from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:


Face a Category 1 storm, Industrial District (Recommended Home Base Level 34) - 30 V-Buck, Hero Experience Points X2, Event Tickets and Seasonal Gold Unless you have played very little in Fortnite Save the World, you should now have unlocked access to Tavolaccia, the second area among those available in the game. In case you are not able to start the mission and complete it through matchmaking, as always, we recommend that you have the help of one of your friends with a higher level character: have him invite you to his private lobby and you can easily participate in the mission. To create a private party, simply open the drop-down menu at the top right of the main Save the World screen, select the Privacy item and set it to "Friends Only". By doing this you will bypass the limitations imposed by the game and you will be able to complete the mission by receiving all the timed rewards.

If you have not yet climbed all 100 levels of the Battle Pass and unlocked the Iron Man skin, know that on ours pages you can also find a guide on how to complete all the Fortnite Week 3 PE Passion Challenges and get a lot of Experience Points in a short time.

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